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Fish and Cat song (Jim and his friend)


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One day there was a fish
floating around his special dish.
And sitting next to him was his good friend.
A kitty cat named Jim.

Now Jim and the fish whose name was Will,
liked to sing and play.
Good old Will was pretty good at a whistle
And little Jim, he played the guitar.

The whistlin’ fish and the guitarin’ cat
would sing all sorts of songs, you know?
The whistlin’ fish and the guitarin’ cat
they loved to sing their songs.

Well, you could say
that neither one was really singing.
Well, you could say
that one was whistling and the other one was playing the guitar.

But those are details that I’m not going to cover.
That was just how it was done.
One was whistlin’ and one was strummin’.
And they both had lots of fun.

They were the playin’ fools,
their band name was… “Jim and his Friend”.
They were the playing fools,
Jim and his friend were really good friends.

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Johnny Stone said

very lou reed

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