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Shredding the Night Away (2014)

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Electric guitar instrumentals.


This is an extreme variation of Paganini's 24th Caprice, no where near the original. I just took some parts from it and did them my own way, not trying to follow the original version at all. Thanks for listening.
Just an instrumental I came up with on the 7-string. Wanted to try a few harmonized licks. Guitars and bass are me but the drums aren't (as with all my stuff).
Just came up with a funk groove so I could shamelessly shred over it for fun.
Not the whole thing, just the first 16 bars of it, with other stuff added. Made up the chord progression by ear so it's not legit.
On Wikipedia I read this about the great jazz pianist Bud Powell: "...his solos could be heard to emulate the horn players' attack — with the use of frequent arpeggios punctuated by chromaticism," so the first thing you hear is a lick that uses…read more
Didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped (my left forearm was burning like hell after each take). After the acoustic version, there's a distorted version, but the tapped harmonics at the beginning sound pretty crappy with distortion. I also added…
just a recording done with my new 7-string guitar, it's working good so far...
Inspired by the scene in the movie "Shine" where David Helfgott sits down at the piano in the restaurant and plays "Flight of the Bumblebee."
hadn't played guitar in a couple months and this was one of the first things I recorded...
i just played some simple triads that matched the basic chord progression to Pachelbel's Canon in D(didn't try to play the original melody or anything), then improvised a few solos, hope you like it.
"I've been trying to find a way for the terror and the beauty to live together in one song." -Sonny Sharrock