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Idiot Sandwich

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I went into the kitchen and I made a big mess
‘cause I’m an idiot sandwich

I pushed it all aside and I ate all the rest
I was totally famished

You came home and cleaned it all alone
Narcolepsy head I been overfed

I couldn’t find a single way to atone

You hold my head between two slices of bread
You hold my head between two slices of bread

You just thought up another name for me
I’m the idiot sandwich

There’s one thing you use consistently
It’s your colorful language

You never yell and you never bawl
Just go ahead and berate me instead

I take the fall and deserve it all

You hold my head…

I never make a promise that I cannot keep
I’ll be an idiot sandwich

I’m there in the morning till I go to sleep
I can never be banished

You’ll never be without anything to do
You can yell at me until your face turns red

You know I’d do anything for you

You hold my head…

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Cave Street said

More excellent guitar work, and another great bass line! This is surely your best record ever, Dave!!