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05 Maybe someone Else will take your heart

Lane Sullivan

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Carmen doesn’t think she can wait around for Waldo so she takes his travel plans and heads out after him. He didn’t leave a set order of where to go so she just takes the route that makes the most sense.

I know all about the world
I’ve been here before
I’ve no interest in seeing it all again

Went out to find you anyway
I can’t live without by my side

I don’t want to die
But I don;t think I can try anymore
I tried so hard to leave this all behind me,
and focus on you

If you want to know about the stars
I’d tell you anything
If you could only see
What this does to me

I don’t think less of you
I don’t want to be alone

Don’t think the world
Is gonna shatter my thoughts
Please just come home
Oh please home

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wilsun said

I love how this story is unfolding, very gripping. Emotive vocals. Completely committed to this album.

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