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10 Let's Explore the Stage together

Lane Sullivan

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Carmen and Waldo decide to travel together. See some of the places Carmen loves and then some new place they can discover together.

So now we’re finally together
And all the world is our stage
We’ll create our own show
What are we waiting for

So we will go
but never leave my side
I now know
I can do this as long as I have you

will you be my always forever
Show me everything you’ve seen
We’ll go some places you’ve never been
and discover them together

What are we waiting for

A number of things went into making this record. The main inspiration was taking Tim’s critique of the ABS album “A Long Night of Radio Drama”

The theme of the album is searching. So There are a couple of Easter eggs, mainly for Tim.

The First one is the titles; The capitals really do spell something. Unlike last year.

The second is song tempos: This album follows all of the BPM’s for The Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds” - can’t argue with that pacing.

The third thing would be the in and out of instrumentation - Just trying to stay away from the definitive AB parts. Most song are still V-CH-V-Ch-B-Ch but I tried to make it a little more interesting.

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wilsun said

Excellent album, completely immersed in the story. Not only is this great songwriting but also great storytelling. The songs themselves have such an emotional connection to the listener; from fleeting discovery, to uncertainties, to outward optimism. This is such a great listen.

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