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For the Deluge Discord group monthly challenge of May 2024, I was given the duty of suggesting the two potential topics. The group settled on my suggestion of making a cover/remix with a drastic tonal shift from the original. I chose TMBG’s track “Spider”, from their 1992 album Apollo 18, a favorite of mine. It’s a pretty weird track; short and a bit silly. I went with a much longer and more serious electronic dance music track, which ended up pretty filthy thanks to my Dreadbox Typhon’s acid bass tendencies. I made the patch on the Typhon and called it Spider. I wanted to evoke vibrating web strings as the spider stalks its prey and goes for the kill. I also used a couple of my original patches on the Minilogue xd, for the orchestral strings and the electric guitar sounds. Lots of analog warmth and all that. I got the arp patch from Kris Gelero’s EDM presets collection that he shared on the Deluge Discord. The kicks are from the 808 and 909, and the other percussion is either from the Drumuge synth drums collection, or a miscellaneous percussion collection I downloaded. I think I used most of the vocal samples from the original song, and also added a few from my French artist friend Sableraph, hence the title of the track. Everything was sequenced in the Deluge, so I could just focus on twiddling knobs while recording. I got it in one take, but needed to do some level adjusting, EQ, and compression in Audacity.

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