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Cleave Me From My Foibles


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Written by Colleen Dillon, Mark Lofgren & Greg Connor around the Minnesota Coffee Table in less than 3 hours.


Cleave me from my foibles
My heart is torn in two
I can’t go forward
And I can’t go back
Oh Lord what will I do

Verse 1
My wife of 20 years has left
My girlfriend won’t commit
I can’t believe that I’m still here
Can’t take no more of this

Verse 2
My girlfriend’s man is looking for me
A shot gun in his hand
She says it’s just a rumor
There’s bodies buried on his land

Verse 3
I put my name on the dating sites
What showed up at my front door
300 lbs of trouble
She nailed me to the floor

Pulled out whips and leather
A lusty gleam in her eye
She grabbed me by the….. doodads
I know I’m going to die!

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Greg Connor said

I'm laughing again this morning! What kind of warped minds would come up with this?

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Colleen Dillon said

Always cracks me up!!!!

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