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“You best put seat belts on your ears, Roy, ‘cause I’m going to take them for the ride of their life!” —Maurice Moss

I guess you, the listener, will be the judge of that.

This is my second RPM Challenge album. After last year’s “The Dark Side of the Moo,” my goal this year was improvement by any degree. I simply wanted to do it better and I believe I succeeded.

Special note: “28 Days” is a song to celebrate and commemorate the RPM Challenge’s 15th Anniversary. Congrats and here’s to a whole lot more!

Project X: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, bass programming, percussion, and mandolin Memaize: mo’ cowbell on “28 Days” Pat Schilcher: guitar on “One of Those Days” Jon Tabers-Kwak: lead guitar on “Swamp Thing,” “Don’t Bring Me Down,” and “Remembering When…” Matt Hayes: lead guitar on “I Called Out Your Name,” “Live & Let Surf,” and “One of Those Days” Zach Hibbard: lead vocal on “28 Days” Erika Wolter: lead vocal on “Don’t Bring Me Down” Cyclops Cow: percussion on “One of Those Days” and “The Exotic Aquatic,” harp on “Blues for Bob” Sum Gai: percussion on “I Called Out Your Name,” “28 Days,” “The Exotic Aquatic,” and “One of Those Days” Helmut (I think that’s his name… or was it Clark? Boyd?): lead vocal on “Blues for Bob”

Written and produced by Project X in the Kemistry Lab, Appleton, WI except “I Called Out Your Name” written by Project X and Vicki Lynn Easker.

Matt, Jon, and Zach’s contributions recorded at Wet Possum in Green Bay, WI and engineered by Matt.

THANKS to the following: The beautiful Nancy for love, support, and putting up with my craziness (I LOVE YOU!), Pat, Matt, Jon, Erika, Zach, Lindsay, Tony Louscher and JGC, Jay & Jan, Steve Gould, Ray Parrish, and my Creator who has shown me mercy, kindness, compassion, and love more than I deserve.

Not unto us…


All songs copyright ©2020 Summumai Music. All rights reserved.