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(It's Gonna Be) One of Those Days [remix]

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This one is pretty much your basic bad day. I mean hectic, frantic, crazy, pull-your-hair-out, everything’s going wrong, Junior puked in class and I crashed the car on the way to get him days. Really bad but survivable.

Make yourself the main character. You wake up and start the day. Already the kids are at each other, your spouse is rushing to get out the door, and you have several major items due at work. Things just keep going south. And more south. And more south. You’re head is spinning. Coworkers are griping to you about crap you have nothing to do with. Your boss just found a glaring error in one of your reports. Oops… coffee spill (that’s gonna leave a mark). Phone call after phone call after phone call after phone call. Aaand we get to the part where Junior’s sick and your car insurance rates go up.

Finally, it seems like a bit of peace might be on the horiz… nope. Text message says problem at the office. Heading back to who-knows-what. Can I go back to bed?

How many more things are gonna go sideways today? Just get through the day and go home is your only goal. Rats! Missy has a game you promised you would be there for. After all, you’re responsible for the team treats today which you have nothing so you need to stop and buy something. Spouse is gonna be ticked to see the damage to the car.

Work: done. Missy’s game: done. Spouse: ticked. Junior: he’ll be home sick tomorrow. Dinner: UGH!

Wind down, get in bed, and…

…click (lights out).

I encourage listening with headphones to get the full effect.

Three guitarists on this one: Pat, Matt, and me.


Remixed for better balance overall.


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KCsGroove said

sometimes good things can come from bad things Pretty cool piece dig the guitarwork here very much enjoyed KC