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Her Favorite Song [remix]

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When I made my demo of this song, Nancy said she really liked the melody of the chorus and that overall it was her favorite tune of mine to date, hence the title.

I thought the first section of the song would be ideal for a sitar, however I don’t play nor do I own the instrument. Instead, I went the route of using an Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal with Bucky, my University of Wisconsin themed Partscaster and layered that with the sitar patch on my Yamaha S08 keyboard.

This one is for you, Nancy. I love you!


So Nancy says to me, “You need to bring out that one part more after the first melody line in the last chorus.” (She really didn’t say it like that, but you get the idea.) At first I thought about adding dulcimer and fiddle to the mix (being part Irish, it was only natural), but then I stumbled on to tubular bells. After a bit of experimentation, I think they sound like they belong.

I also tried to balance out the 12-strings playing melody in this mix. They were a bit harsh and too far forward in the original mix.

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I like it.