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Ocean Deep

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RPM Challenge 2021
Category: Single (this is side 1)
Genre: Surf

This year’s RPM Challenge was indeed a challenge and I only signed up for a single! My month was fraught with problems, mostly having essential gear go south (mixing board was the biggie) and hearing issues (increase in tinnitus). So despite being nearly three weeks behind before I even got up and running, I was able to complete my challenge. I have to give props to Emily Gould and Matt Hayes for bearing with me and getting their contributions in under the gun.

Singles to me were always 7-inch 45 RPM vinyl records, so it made sense to me to do two sides. Since both tunes were equally good in my ears, I decided to borrow from Cheap Trick’s first album and call one side A and the other 1 (you can decide which is which).

The ocean is exotic, mysterious, and wonderful, teeming with all sorts of life and beauty. It was my desire to express these things through this tune.

Written, recorded, and produced by Project X.

©2021 Summumai Music. All rights reserved.

Project X – Guitars, bass, percussion programming, organ, effects

My appreciation to the musicians that contributed to this project:
Emily Gould – drums (engineered and recorded by Emily)
Matt Hayes – lead guitar (engineered and recorded by Matt)
Lindsay Feuling – finger cymbals (engineered and recorded by Cyclops Cow)

Thank you and love to Memaize, the love of my life. ❤️

Ultra huge props to my Creator who gives me life and gives us the ocean deep that displays the wonder of who He is. 🌊

Hang loose! 🤙🏼

Wrinkled Shirt's avatar
Wrinkled Shirt said

Surf Beach Pink Floyd.

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acoustic57 said

Cool, a slight "Riders On The Storm" background feel. :)

will of the sun's avatar
will of the sun said

Great surf-rock double single! This one is groovy as heck.

indoor voices's avatar
indoor voices said

Great stuff, love a good surf track!

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