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Lonely Guitar

Rickey Tate

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One of those moments I had disappointed my lovely bride…
Tried to apologize with my guitar….hasn’t worked yet…

I have a lonely guitar I keep beside my bed
“cause when my guitar’s happy my lady’s always sad?
The two don’t get along it seems they’re jealous of one another
So I try to know when one is more lonely than the other

Lonely guitar would you play a song for my lady
Make it a love song so sweet like a love song ought to be
Lonely guitar please play a song for my lady
Then maybe you and her might get along?
’cause I only have tow arms lonely guitar, play her a song

She bought this guitar long a go one Christmas eve
The days go by, she wonders why, she ever bought it for me
It brings me peace and comfort, but for her it’s cause for pain
Sharing me with my 6 string friend, she just can’t stand the thing

repeat chorus
then maybe me and her might get along

I’ve written songs of many things, most are easy songs to sing
But when it comes to my lady, I’ll spend eternity
trying to find the words that say just what she means to me
Then she sits there , thinking I don’t care, it’s a mystery to me

repeat chorus
then maybe we might all get along

Tell her I love her, tell her I need her,
tell her she’s the only girl that ever meant a thing to me
Tell her I want her, tell her I need her
Lonely guitar we just to make her see
She’s my only love and she means the world to me

Lonely guitar…..lonely guitar..

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Colleen Dillon said

What a sweet sad song.... great lyrics!

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Andrew Russe said

I can relate... tho not nowadays... I don't have any lonely guitars, they're all among friends here (well, maybe the ones in the loft feel a bit left out of it) ... and she has a healthy relationship with them... but first wife...not so much! (and she's the one who married a gigging musician!!)

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Jeff's Demos 7 said

Love this, great tune sir! Lyrics, playing and recording are awesome.

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