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As If It Really Matters - A A J Russe Written 16th January 1999 Recorded 12th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** Crumbs, even this is 23 years old! We used it as a set-opener in the last band I was in. I've been trying to make…
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Who Is My Neighbour - A A J Russe Written sometime in 1992 Recorded 12th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** I wrote this 30 years ago when I was 29. There were a bunch of people killing other people. There were refugees. By the…
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No-one To Blame - A A J Russe Written 1st January 1988 Recorded 6th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** Nearly forgot to post this one! (it's been a busy week at work) I was 24 when I wrote it. What more can I say…
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I Want You To Know - A A J Russe Written 21st June 1987 Recorded 6th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** This was to the same lady who inspired Foolishness. There's a couple of others from the same period, related to her, that will…
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Isn't This Fun - A A J Russe Written 1980 (Completed 16th June 1991) Recorded 6th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** I wrote most of this in my first year at university. But the Shoebox says I completed it 16/06/1991 - and the…

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Song #5 for RPM 2023 - half way to the completion of the album! Wrote this after a very long late night walk of meditation. And the rain came down It wouldn’t stop As we made our way to the mountain top And the rain came down, the rain…
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Okay, RPM Song 3 finished. It's a weird song melodically speaking (yup, that's actually intentional lol). Oddly, it took an extremely long time to produce this one and my eyes are now very blurry. I guess this is an "urban" song (though I…
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Here we go..Song 4 for my RPM challenge. This one was a blast to do because of its simplicity. It's a bit dark but with a hint of humour. I never thought I would need to return to nuclear allusions in a song - it isn't 1985...oh well. They…
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Song #2 for this year's RPM album....another one from the basement in the middle of the night. Experimenting with minimal lyrics and a lot of repetition. The song probably has something to do with how we left our home of many years last February…
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Its been a while since I jammed with Norm so i've used his mile of sorrow and turned it into a Christmas song........Merry Christmas Norm ..... Christmas it is here Christmas everywhere On a moonlight drive with the midnight sun The…

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Thoughts on the future of music for Sound-In Thank you Laurie for the inspiration.
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Just in time for St Patrick's Day . . . . And with any luck we might have a bonus "LIVE" Leprechaun track coming soon. The Minnesota Coffee table met and recorded a fun version last night. ________________________________________ I was…
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A new little ditty ......
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Based on a riff brought back to life after many years, and remembrance of a childhood fever dream. Wrap this in the context of the past two years and this is the musical result.
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Sometimes life knocks you down and decides to kick a few times for good measure. It can be hard to push though at times, but it’s important to persevere because it can and will get better. This is a song about staying strong and remaining hopeful…

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(Remastered 22/10/2021) I wasn't even sure the recording machine was still going to work after nearly five years... Certainly, bits of me don't work anymore... But, surprisingly, I got this done in 24 hours, start to finish... Strange old world…
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James Michael Taylor said

FUCK! This rocks like a ton of granite. Long time since we exchanged comments. It's like old times.

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As If It Really Matters - A A J Russe Written 16th January 1999 Recorded 12th March 2022 The Shoebox Demos Vol 1 **** Crumbs, even this is 23 years old! We used it as a set-opener in the last band I was in. I've been trying to make…
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James Michael Taylor said

Love it. Not used to you and that acoustic guitar. Sounds solid with your voice. If it’s really like you say it is, there’s no need to worry..."

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New original from me, hot off the old wotsit. When it was half written yesterday, I was considering binning it as a throwaway exercise - I do that quite often. But I played the songwriting demo to someone else and, er, apparently I should finish…
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tonycee said

just brilliant songwriting.......cheers tony cee

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So I was locked in the broom-cupboard, checking out some old songs that need recording. I'd just picked one and then suddenly this thing came out of nowehere. It started with one of those guitarist doodles that other musicians love so much…
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tonycee said

this is brilliant , love the soul felling to the song , your voice sounds superb , great listen ....cheers tony cee

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(Remastered 22/10/2021) And here we go - Edith FINALLY gets it... Actually, she's been getting it ever since I wrote it on the 29th May. I thought it would take a week or so, but it proved to be more of a fight than I was expecting. On…
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Breaking Light said

That instrumental hook and slide playing is killer

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Singer-songwriter. Plays guitar, bass, and some keyboards. Been doing it for 30-odd years with not much to show for it except a lot of fun memories and a whole bunch of unused material.

Likes bluesy, folky, rockish, pop music. Loves harmony.

Records in small room with curtains closed while wife cowers in the next room with headphones on…

You can also find a younger Andrew Russe in Stick

from St Reatham, Londonium

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