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Take 6 and call us in the morning...
Well, this one speaks for itself if you listen carefully. You know who! A somewhat jazzy song.... I played the keys, bass, guitars and did the vocals & mix drums done in Addicted drums KC
17 and 12
mixed track from contributions to jazz theme event 2018august19 - improvisation tracks by Bailey, Cadman, Goodin x2, Mimlitsch, Smith, Sundström, mix by malj
created with Pure Data and midi guitar
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Playing over a superb backing track with companion youtube vid to boot!
Take 6 and call us in the morning...
I was down at the station Catch the Greyhound to Go My Way And I heard the loudspeaker We’ll be leaving some time today You just Say no thank you When I ask you to be mine I’ll be looking for that green light When I ask you the next…read more
I wrote the lyric about, ‘being caught unawares’ – then, Renard J. Cohen composed the melody and Rick Livingstone, formerly vocalist with The Best, recorded the song with Eclipse in Los Angeles, California. 'Blind Side’ was included on Coast…read more
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Why Not (Lyrics) i could hear her looking at me from a thousand miles away i wanted to love that lady, why not today i said come on now baby, why not come and please why not decide what you want then we can live your dreams why not why the…read more
thetworegs said

I’d forgotten about this one ….

The single coil sound of my new used PRS guitar just got me in the funk. Had this partial riff on a Sony walkman from 10 years ago, decided to fill it out a little.
thetworegs said

Funk this is good !!

How many nights am I just about to hit the sheets for the night and then a riff appears. I'll just rough record it but it always turns into a late night.
thetworegs said

Loving this all over again

doktordoktor said

Great riff, rocking me Billy.

James Michael Taylor said

Really gets the raw sadness. But by the time they tell you it’s over it’s most likely been over for some time…

Hobby guitarist recording riffs and instumental ideas. I am a music writer not a song writer at the moment. If anyone wants to rework a piece, add lyrics or colab, drop me a line.

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