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Because its winter soon
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Heres a demo from the band i'm in The Big Bad Dog
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Yet another demo for the band ..... Poor old Reg still heart broken but i believe he's coming out of it.......two tracks one guitar one vocal... (Chords) AGD AGD AGD AEGD AEGD EFmGA AGD I once has a woman Can’t believe that your love has…read more
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To Quote Mike "I only had a few minutes, smashed together with artless clumsiness." as always hers my attempt at Live forever Live from the cellar
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Live from the cellar for a fest on the otherside Thanks for listening

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A Story about a Story
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Didnt get the album out for RPM this year, but did have some time to make some music in Feb. Dylan is one of my favs . lowered the BPM quite a bit and truncated the lyrics to fit, which Im pretty sure put my wife to sleep, lol Enjoy! Lyrics…
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After several bottles of wine, thetworegs and I were able to coerce Elvis and a few others down in regs basement to come out for a long overdue collab. After all, isn't October collab month? Thanks again for the great vox!!
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I recorded the sound samples at St Marks Basilica on the spot....the story you are about to hear is true; not even the names have changed to protect the innocent.
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I felt like doing something ....but i Doodled and this is the result i hope you enjoy.......................

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I recorded the sound samples at St Marks Basilica on the spot....the story you are about to hear is true; not even the names have changed to protect the innocent.
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Turin breaks cover whilst hung over in leeds. Hangover is a good source of muse. Move to what feels nice as a rule! Lol! Thanks Mike Fife for the booze and production.
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Getting warmed up.... Still need to work this one a bit but it's time to get the creative juices going...
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Finally done tweaking. The hardest part is switching nicely between sections... took 8 revisions. Anyhoo... happy with it now. Used for mastering (great free resource), does all the limiting, equalizing and compression for you.

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Because its winter soon
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vaisvil said

nuclear winter in the basement? careful ‘cause the blues has swallowed many a man and you got the mojo coming 'round to take you to the crossroads

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Because its winter soon
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Reefwalker said

WTF!? Are your vocals getting even better? Great tune. Not sure what the weather is like there but winter has definitely already arrived! Stay warm!!

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Gene sent me over this beaut of a funky backer of the song by Tower of Power a real tounge tister i'm guilty of the vocals Gene did the good bit Thanks Gene
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Norm said

Reg, you may be the only person I know that loves this song as much as I do. Even Reefwalker is way too young for this. Such a shame!

As I have always told you, your strength is funk. And this is about as funky as it gets.


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A collab with Tod from the other side....Thanks Tod..... i'm responsible for the waffle & lead ....Thanks for listening Drink the whiskey The earth has burned nothing here will grow It’s just a dust bowl and earth as hard as bone There…read more
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Norm said

I think that you should stop complaining until the whiskey is gone.

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Heres a demo from the band i'm in The Big Bad Dog
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Radio Roswell said

Hendrix vibe ! dig it !

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The music follows the ups and downs of poor old Reg….

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