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The sound of Lucifer returning home to the arms of heaven and the end of all time.
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This is like a mission for the Doom Patrol I need a robot body for my brain Miss Callas calls the dopamine exhanges the sound of down And there is danger everywhere the scissor men are coming House of icons Felt like cards The brilliant…
a group dynamic is reached.
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With music by Geoffrey Armes (Instrumental Grievances).
"I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same..." Why Do you insist on letting them get away…read more
2010 I just got a phone call... offhand liz loves america though she often falls in love with places she's never been.
The guy who lives next door to the guy who has lots and lots of friends...
My first RPM cover of 2011. This one is "Like This" by The Missed Connections. I seem to have taken a darker turn with the song than Amelia did. It wasn't intentional, but it seems to be what I do when I cover her songs.
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pharmakeus said

Cool dark track

The sound of Lucifer returning home to the arms of heaven and the end of all time.
Blair Hannah Payne (BHP) said

Love the interplay between the piano and distorted guitar! Good Work.

Guest said

Hey Vivian … awakened from a sad dream of wastelands and spotted you waving someone else’s disinterested hand. We’re exploring dystopia and need a friend. Are you a corpse worth kickin’?

Nightmoth said

This one found its way under my skin.

written by Brent Kinder of Angie Fights Crime for the XCHANGE album
Edmonds Makes Noise said

this is simply great

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