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Merry Christmas to all.
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Your ole' Uncle Paul is still kickin' it.
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Wishes The music is from my Wildgeas 2016 RPM effort I'm trying to vocalize them. :) Lyrics Across the desert look to the sky Sundancer and some clouds roll by My oh my, said my oh my If wishes were like horses Tumbleweeds and…
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Turn the Lights Off The music is from my Wildgeas 2016 RPM effort I'm trying to vocalize them. :) Lyrics: If you take a new lover Turn the lights of when you go You take the pain I'm takin' the A train You can have your nights…
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Anyway I can The music is from my Wildgeas 2016 RPM effort I'm trying to vocalize them. :) Innocence and recklessness don't go together well You spread your wings and sell your things Hopeless, you hold me down I'll take it anyway…

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Merry Christmas to all.
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Your ole' Uncle Paul is still kickin' it.
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Another collab with my friend Joe. He sent me the basic track and I threw down the slide and lead guitar part using my cheapo Epiphone special.
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After been somewhat surprised at finding the ghost of Snakefinger in his refrigerator Bowman rallied the stout fellows of Udon Noodles into attempting this Residents classic. Have they outweirded the Residents or is it just the same old unlistenable…

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I spent a good three hours quickly putting this rough raw testing track together from scratch, here the very first trial take, just to see what it could be like. I'm still not sure what rhytm to go for, I'm sure by the time I finish it, it'll…
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I used quite a few layers of guitar as you might hear in this song, I even used my little Höhner with nylon strings to play base ! LOL... I also used my Ibanez 6 string and my more than beloved Yamaha 12 string, all three are acoustic guitars…
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Pass it on, a little song I made up, here the first trial mix :-) Kind regards, Anna
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Your ole' Uncle Paul is still kickin' it.
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SpickyBoyBronx said

Not a cover but a complete reimagination of the song. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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This is the third, maybe forth time I recorded this tune. I like this one best. taken by surprise a fine disguise they came from across the sea always moving closer my eyes could see then they called in the calvary First just a…
Guest said

Simply fn amazing..

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Another crappy backing track. Use it if you like.
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c}{imps 8 my ears said

i think it's a beautiful world in this track geas

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Merry Christmas to all.
Guest said

Thanks.. we need this..

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This is a real old tune. I remember about 81 or so. My brother Asa wrote it. I felt like recording something, so this is it. A rude kinda fun song with that cowboy stylin' :) Lyrics: It didn't take me long to find out you were wrong when you…
Guest said

Killer song man.. Love it..

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A bit of everything. Guitars, bass, drums, keys, and I’ve recently begun using MIDI. I’ve mastered none. :)

Oh, and I love the smell of bus fumes.

I’m retiring Wildgeas Music after my next collection. - been great - time for a change. Watch this space.

mail me anytime for anything. Seriously. wildgeas@hvc.rr.com

My other project http://alonetone.com/noah

from The Dog House, N.Y., United States

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