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Source: Acoustic guitar
Source: Flute and Bells
Source: Acoustic guitar
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A little late night improvisation on prepared tabletop guitar.
a late night jam from 07/06/2018 cheers
here and there in basque - witches' spell
mashup for SoundIn event "Solstice 2018"
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fudgetusk said


vaisvil said

this is sweet! What all are the effects used? It is an incredible soundmass you’ve created

Breaking Light said

Everything’s turned to white! Where am I! Oh wait I see something…

title stolen from Steely Dan lyric
Scott Horwath said

very exciting mix~down - and so much fun to have landed here

title stolen from Steely Dan lyric
Guest said

Awesome work!

Breaking Light is Kavin.‘s experimental/ambient guitar project.

from Valles Marineris, Mars

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