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Words by Brian McCloskey
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(Hogard) Just a sweet simple pop song.
(Hogard) I loves me some mountain dulcimer.
Pastoral closing.
From (failed) RPM2012. Lyrics by Angie Fights Crime.

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I was thinking of old times and remembered, very fondly, my roommate walking in on us while we stood around with headphones and serious looks on our faces screaming monkey sounds into the microphone. I'm positive that the look on my roommate's…read more
It's just a song about stalking a jane doe.
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Fyrce Muons said

Very nice tunes. Like them all. Hook ‘em horns.

Xerophyll said

I love weird music. This is so weird, it’s awesome! Is this a group or is it like a person thing ?

angie fights crime said

Kraken is my new favorite rum.

From (failed) RPM2012. Lyrics by Angie Fights Crime.
angie fights crime said

this is so super cool.

Breaking Light said

Well that was very nice!

It seemed like a good idea at the time.
It always does.

Mostly Bob and Tony, sometimes Acy, Jayson, or someone else. Many processes and methods.

Twenty years in, and we think we’re starting to get serious.

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