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A track I made twenty years ago on a crappy organ. somehow I managed to produce a great song with many tunes within it.
An early guitar piece. Written probably ten years ago or more
Lyrics: I like Bombay mix but it gets stuck in my teeth/what shall I do but brush my pegs/free of Bombay mix/and it doesn't mix with me/as you can see I'm crazy for Bombay mix again/and where did the meaning of this song go?/Bombay mix Bombay…
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from the album "A440" vocals by Wilsun we make mountains out of this each of us never giving in it breaks my heart to feel this way cause what we say, it’s devastating way past the point of no return can not reflect on what we’ve learned…read more
from the album "A440" vocals by Wilsun there’s another earthquake got the walls a shaking cover’s up the sound of all the noise we’re making someone’s started something someone else joined in soon the whole worlds yelling and no one…read more
from the album "A440" vocals by Wilsun. she’s in a mood with a, permanent frown see it, cover her face from her, chin to her crown oh you’d better, get out, of the house please don’t come over I’m afraid of what she’ll say I’m afraid…read more
Backing vocals: Lisa Montgomery
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Brett Warren said

This is great… really odd structure, simple but still haven’t heard anything quite like it. Kinda Flaming Lips-y a bit, good stufff

AMUC said

Poor, poor bear. At least didn’t die in vain, because this track rocks.

fudgetusk said

Jump up and dance folks!

fudgetusk said

Nirvana/Pearl Jam an influence here? Great track.

From our RPM 2018 album Escape Plan
fudgetusk said

Lovely stuff gang. I’ve heard comparable on the radio. Skillwise.

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Danielle Poirier - vocals, bass, keys

Marc Poirier - vocals, guitar, drums, keys

Damian Lethbridge - vocals, guitar, drums, keys

Ken Primmer - guitar

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