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Mostly recorded on an iPad.
Nothing much to say except, there you go.
I really wish I had the voice for this one... it could use a good singer.
Something else I'm playing around with for RPM 2012.
Lyrics: Here's a dance that even you can do, Cos you don't have to move more than your wrist. It so simple that it requires Even less coordination than the twist. You can squirm about all you want, Or you can stand real still, just like…read more
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Reworked the vocals a bit (quite a bit). And yet again! And now, Gumbo Stu is singing backup bits. Thanks for the vocals Gumbo, a very welcome addition! And, as requested, here are the lyrics: I'm Not Afraid You can blow me up You…read more
Just a little song about another hopeless romantic. Actually, I just really like the name Svetlana.
Just a fun song for RPM 2010.
Just a piece I wrote going for a Celtic sound.
Fun little tune about the evils of strong drink.
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Another one for the RPM2011 pile. Vocals are a bit shonky so apologies for that. If you don't like the start I would give the ending a try. If you don't like that either, I'm sorry to have wasted your time. The subject matter's self-explanatory…read more
My take on Gumbo's Keep Your Eye On The Spot, one of many excellent tracks from his RPM2011 album 'Cat's Moustache'. It's something of a departure from the original, though I was trying to retain an element of the gospel so hopefully its soul…
This is a song about finding momentary escape from the pain of loss.. and having it interrupted by the realisation that it's the anniversary of the day it all started; Some days I get up and I go to the park and I sit in the dark and I think…read more
Final version it needs a fiddle but it has a mandolin, a chicken banjo and some excellent backing vocalists my third demo for RPM 2011 The cat's in the window and the rabbit's in the hutch goat's in the meadow just a-chewin on the…read more
This celtic folk piece is a collaboration with lyricist Donna Devine. This is Donna's explanation: =============================== Background: In earlier centuries, young men were captured by "press gangs" - often literally torn away from…read more
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Fun little tune about the evils of strong drink.
World War Nine said

“She did? Why wasn’t I informed?” asked Jack Merlot to the two uniformed Minneapolis police officers.

All three of them were on their bicycles. The officers had come up alongside Jack Merlot to remind him that there is No Bicycle Riding on Nicollet Mall Unless You Are an Officer of the Law, but they also stayed in momentum with Jack, as they struggled to answer his plaintive query.

“Probably because you’re not that important.” said Officer Friendly. Jack turned left onto Washington Avenue & proceeded to find his way to Nordest, where at least there was a cold beer waiting for him.

Bit of a waltz. Everything I know about dancing I learned from watching. This is my piano debut. Bethan deserves some of the blame for this one somehow. Thanks.
Bethan Mathis said

Oh, it takes me back! Thanks for an enjoyable Sunday morning.

Guitar and vocals. Kind of the opposite of last years 'Honey, Why You Stay With Me'.
Bethan Mathis said

“All the other women wish they would rate,”
So wonderful!

Surf tune. Sorta,
Bethan Mathis said

Your delivery on this track is hilarious! I love the way you keep digging a bigger hole for yourself to fall into.

Bethan Mathis said

I think this is your best track. A super song!

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