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Just a piece I wrote going for a Celtic sound.

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Sister Savage said

The hours I've spent dancing to this with my little daughters... A classic in this house.

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milocraft said

Very interesting counterpoint going on. Nice.

Guest said

This would be on 20,000 listens by now if all the CD listens in my living room counted when my tutu'ed baby girls say they want "mosh-all folk music" so they can dance (enjoying this mostly when being watched).

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Wildgeas Music said

Oh boy, one more for the road trip CDs. I'm glad I stopped by.

Guest said

I have my 2 year old here, dancing away. "Do it again, Nanny" This could be a long morning! Good job I love this tune!

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Folly said

love it simply put

Guest said

Oh, Hi Mark, I'm just about half way through this tune - click click click, tap tap tap. Thanks for the comment. That was the hardest song I have ever done - out of my comfort zone but it makes me sound vulnerable! Bethan

Guest said

If you ever need a video for this...she's Celtic, auburn-haired and a great little mover.

Guest said

I am being forced to play this over and over again by my daughter who is dancing in the kitchen in her pants and refusing to eat her tea, which I have lovingly prepared.

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Hemse said

very intertaining! love it!

Guest said

Hay! *there be dancin in this ere kitchen*

Guest said

This would be fab at our folk festival, I can just see my sister clogging to it. FAVOURITE!

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Colin Garvey said

Love it!

Guest said

Awesome song and playing.. Cheers Slap...

Guest said


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another cultural landslide said


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kavin. said

This one shows the fine line between celtic and bluegrass, I love it. Good to see you here, Mo.

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