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When God Moved Away (RPM)

A Bit More Better Productions

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Another one for the RPM2011 pile. Vocals are a bit shonky so apologies for that. If you don’t like the start I would give the ending a try. If you don’t like that either, I’m sorry to have wasted your time. The subject matter’s self-explanatory really, a straight forward retelling of the time God and myself moved out the country.

When God left the city
I helped him pack his bags
I mean who can blame him
It’s been a long time going bad
When God moved away to concentrate on country souls
I got him a ticket and I bought one of my own

And as the train pulled away
With a tear rolling down his face
He seemed more optimistic
And for the first time in a while
Seen his face begin to smile
Just the way I’d wished it would
And I he said

The only life for me
Is in the country

We moved out to a small town
And lived happily
For a year
But things were changing fast
The city’s sounds were drawing near
One night a by-pass appeared
And as he crossed
He got hit by a big old truck and was forever to us lost

Everyone wore a frown, everybody in the town
Filled their glass with sorrow
And now, with everyone gathered round
And God laying dead in the ground
What had we to follow
And I said

The only life for me
Is in the country.

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moschell said

Really, really liking this one. Love the lyrics and the presentation.

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sinuata said

Good album throughout, but the arrangement here is particularly great.

Guest said

Good vocal Alex.

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Rob and Laura said

Great song!

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thetworegs said

You didn't waste my time at all love it. lets fill our glass's with sorrow. who's turn is it to toast?

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