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You know me so well.
Sometimes I just can't tell.
How often do I have to say it? In how many ways?
Confusing, isn't it?
You have just that kind of affect on me.
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I was away for awhile and we've changed . . .
One of my best melodies, but I can't seem to get the vocals right. Would welcome any one else who might want to take a crack at it.
Time for a little humor. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year, and the pain was debilitating. When I got the right pain meds, I felt so much better that I wrote this song. Colin added his considerable vocal talents and his harmonica and brought…read more
A good rule to follow, especially when it comes to those you love.
This is for the young woman who really didn't know what she wanted.
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Originally conceived as a mellow-ish, Stephen Stills sounding number (at least the verses), then the chorus came to me out of nowhere and turned the whole song on it's ear. I think that was for the better. I have to admit that I surprised myself…read more
Another of the three songfight inspired titles. Painted Tense (the title) actually came from a band name generator website. I thought it might make a good song title so I submitted it to the RPM HQ person doing the name-from-a-hat picking. I would…read more
The horn line came first, I started humming it in the garage one very cold morning in Feb. I was stuck for a title, until a friend used Kismet in a sentence. It's a fun bouncy number, though the mix is kind of bad.
Harmony by [Tess Savigear](https://soundcloud.com/peppermintsky).
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Sometimes I just can't tell.
KCsGroove said

love that slow groove!
very nice vocals and harmonies
I like it!

You know me so well.
KCsGroove said

well written and performed
Yeah I like it!

This is a collaboration between Endicott Road and Sister Savage. Hope you enjoy it. ER
fudgetusk said

nice work

This is a collaboration between Endicott Road and Sister Savage. Hope you enjoy it. ER
Bethan Mathis said

Hi Terry, still the best in my opinion! So great to hear it again with that saucy vox of Sister. Ah! those were the best days!

The world is so f'd up that I wonder if things will ever get better.
Guest said

Very lovely groove

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Singer songwriter influenced by many artists, from Elton John to Matchbox 20. Started writing songs as a college freshman and never stopped. Other material posted under the same artist name on AcidPlanet.com. Open to collaborations with other artists. See Endicott Highway for collaborations with Bethan Mathis, Sister Savage, and Lena & Irina Panfilova. See Atlantic Skies for partnership with Inge. Also, the album Thank You features collaborations with Girl Named Sam, Keith Landry, and Colin Garvey.

If you’d like to collaborate, leave me a private comment and I’ll respond with my e-mail address so we can talk.
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