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An original guitar arrangement by Movement to Contact stirred this dormant memory from a long slumber. Enjoy!
Welcome to my day on the river with Karen, folks. INTO THE LIGHT (THIS LAZY RIVER) Take me down to the river Throw the jackets in the hull of the boat Let the current deliver To the bend at the bridge where it’s harder to float What…read more
You'll tell me when you're ready. DON’T WORRY ‘BOUT THAT RIGHT NOW Where have you been is all they’ve been asking Where are you going is what I’d like to know Why are you running when nobody’s chasing? What are you hiding? What can’t…read more
Be careful. She's pretty powerful. SHE WALKS She walks on the leaves without making a sound She walks like she can’t hear the dragons all around She walks and the sun stays a pace or two behind She walks with your secrets in the back…read more
Yes, the ocean has it's own ideas. THE MIND OF THE OCEAN I never should’ve wrote that letter And thrown it off into the sea It’s never gonna get any better And now it’s so easy to see It never was meant to be I never should’ve grabbed…read more
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Thinking 'bout someone while I recorded it.
The preferred track on the album. I allowed myself to get into it near the end.
Most of the tracks here were named on the spot. This one was no different. I arranged this one in November - kinda caught the mood of winter rolling in.
Yup, I wrote it at around 2:00 a.m. I never was very good at going to bed.
Yeah. More of an indictment of my lack of playing ability than anything else.
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Newest song Ive written and recorded. Recorded at my sons home studio. My son produced, co wrote, and he plays the great lead guitar on the tune. Copyright by R.J. Garn and Jim Garn, December 2017.
An original guitar arrangement by Movement to Contact stirred this dormant memory from a long slumber. Enjoy!
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An original guitar arrangement by Movement to Contact stirred this dormant memory from a long slumber. Enjoy!
musicmd said

Cool tune, love all the guitar parts. Well written and sung. Great music….

Sometimes there's an image you just can't get out of your head. I don't know this girl, but I'm sure she exists. CALL COLLECT TO GOD She’s been chasing rainbows with the wind in her hair Spending years running to the end to find there…read more
Guest said

Okay, I’m taking a break here. I haven’t listened to this much of your music in a row for … I mean … since yesterday……….

I fear the day when it will be the last one. ANOTHER GOODBYE I don’t know where to start, but I guess I’ll try I can speak from my heart, and I’ll try not to cry I won’t see you enough, and we know time’ll fly Then we’ll fall out of…read more
Guest said

I like this one! but not as much as the other ones

Love is worth a chance, don't you think? THE ONE THING Love isn’t always the way it should be Man, it can pull you right down to your knees Still it’s the only way you can get free Take it from me Love isn’t something that you should…read more
Guest said

oh i like this one! I like the mellow ones the best… that’s right, when you sound miserable… just kidding.. a little

Yeah, I'm pretty much willing to do anything for you. ALL OF ME I always thought that only fools could fall for love at first sight But when I caught you in the corner of my eye I knew they might’ve had it right You wouldn’t think a man…read more
Guest said

this is now my favorite upbeat one!

Just a songwriter and a guitar… A little bit Pete Seeger, a little bit James Taylor, some Ed Robertson, and a whole lot of hiking. If you know Keith at all, odds are he’s already written a song about you.

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