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I met a buddy out for dinner To catch up on our lives Both way less saint and way more sinner At least, according to our wives But as he got himself a-talking He sounded more and more insane What he believed became so shocking For who…
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Curled up next to me The way you like to do Wondering where I'd be If I never ran into you So easy now to see In those eyes so bright and blue Everything I'd ever need It's like you always knew The days'll come and go You lying here…
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I've been to hell and back You might've seen me on my way There ain't a damn thing you can pack And it ain't no use to pray I've seen the darkest night Felt my life slip away Almost given up the fight But I'm still here today I'm not…
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I keep searching for a sign From the other side To keep my hope alive Trying to walk the line God knows how hard I've tried Don't know if I'll survive Gotta let it slide Man, these are trying times If you attempt to fly You wind up…
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Standing in the sunlight Trying to shade my eyes A lonely child's spotlight When you've got two strikes A little piece of you dies When a third sails by Dancing in the moonlight The fire in her eyes If I play this just right Maybe…

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from the album 50 vocals Tim Alexander lead guitar Dan Upton go tell my mom that I ain't never gonna leave racing to the top and the wind won't stop and the view is the best i've ever seen feel the air so hot though we sweat a lot I am happier…
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from the album 50 vocals Brian Wood lead guitar Dan Upton My prediction This affliction Will eat you inside There’s no where to hide The answer is a prison The question is a lie My prediction This affliction Will burn alive Make you fight…
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from the album "50" vocals by Alisa Jefferson lead guitar Dan Upton looking for the waterfall and I think we're almost there looking for the waterfall the anticipation in the air round the path, the path, the path goes round and round mind…
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Well, there is a little bit of a Pink Floyd track here that has me being a bit weird over the top of it. Simple as that. G:) I'll let you work out what PF track it is.
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Recorded out in Capitol Reef Natonal Park with a portable cassette in 1986

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Recorded out in the desert early 90s..I always heard the song as a bluegrass type swinging song or even acapella ...
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A song about finding the core, where all dreams begin.
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Raised on vinyl and a needle that rides To a paper circle at the end of both sides Between the speakers, cover in hand Sit in silence after Jungleland I will not trade one bit of my soul for their pieces of gold I've seen a world they'll…
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strummindude said

Great stuff Keith!

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Everybody's looking for a savior To tell them how to live before they die As if they can't control their own behavior Or trust what they can see with their own eyes Mindlessly believing what you tell 'em When everything you tell 'em is a…
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Movement To Contact said

Very nice, one of my favorites of yours!

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The finished product! Oldest daughter shines! We don't always see eye to eye And there are some days I don't know how we get by We spend so much time caught in the race Gotta slow down the pace When did the river get so wide All I thought…
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Matt Ferrara said

Great song. Lovely father-daughter harmonies. You’re a lucky man, Mr. Landry.

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Everybody's looking for a savior To tell them how to live before they die As if they can't control their own behavior Or trust what they can see with their own eyes Mindlessly believing what you tell 'em When everything you tell 'em is a…
Guest said

Sooooooooooooo good! I am freaking out over this song.

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Some say, "It's the price you gotta pay" Some say, "You gotta learn to walk away" But I'm still standing in the light And I won't go down without a fight Some say, "True love is just a lie" Some say, "You'll give it up before you die…
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Letter Seventeen said

Another great tune just begging for a full band treatment.

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Just a songwriter and a guitar… A little bit Pete Seeger, a little bit James Taylor, some Ed Robertson, and a whole lot of hiking. If you know Keith at all, odds are he’s already written a song about you.

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