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2015 Osckilo and Geir
Wrote this a while back. Don't think I uploaded it. 2012.
Songwriting Sessions at "Crisis Skylight" (Homeless Charity: London) today. Theme was "A Place"... I Chose home... Or what I understand of it... Concrete Ocean Tharek Ali Mokbul 2015 -Lyrics- Home is where I fell down It's where…read more
Perfect Storm T.Mokbul 2014 Lover you were more than chance. Set down roots so deep in romance. Now with child..... So they dance..... Oh Lover won't you feel the rain? Lord has sent down ease for our pain Can you feel? What was Love…read more
Take a look around... Tell me what you see... Anger in her face... Cried with stolen tears... Careful of her words. They're not what they seem... First to cast a stone. Never without sin. ------------- (Chorus) Let Old ghosts be gone As time…read more
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2015 Osckilo and Geir
One about needing some space.... Geir: Lead Guitar Line Launched: Harmonies bass and Production Mr OsCKilO : Chugging Guitars and Vox Mrs OsCKilO: Lyric Peace Guys
Beat Box, Guitar and Vocals.. Ghosts (By T.Mokbul) I see There are Ghosts in the Streets, who seem more alive than me. And I pray, that I stay on this path I’m Walking. Now that I Know who I am, I can stand and shout the scream, that we…read more
Had to do this one on the fly before an open mic night.... Sorry about the quality... Came up with the song this morning ...... One take... GTR+MIC on one tracks (doubled up), Played live.... Not much time to record music or…read more
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Follow the arc through the sky Hard to judge how high Only steel in your spine Pretend you can fly For a moment in time Only you and the sun Trying to catch the other one A free man's work is never done It's just begun Turn your head…
As outraged as I've been over the past week, when I sat down to write about it, all I could think was, "How can I get through to someone?" This is the result. I Know You and You're Not One of Them You say you're defending the red from…read more
Just a couple of different vocal choices so the vocal drop between the verses and the chorus isn't so drastic... LAYING LOW THIS CHRISTMAS Times are still tough this December And money, it don't grow on trees I've watched 'em all fall…read more
words by oldrottenhead music by hooper I’ve come this way like those before me And those yet still to come It fills me with a sense of wonder To watch the rising sun how many times how many souls Have acted out these scenes It fills me with…read more
Another one jip1965 sent to me for playing with! Silent and magical Calming and practical Moonbeams, silver moonbeams Filtering through the air Twinkling in our hair Moonbeams, silver moonbeams Dancing on the leaves of trees Shaking…read more
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A Song About an old Saying...... Sh*t Happens...... Lyrics T.Mokbul 2010 -In A Day- Half a Glass of Gasoline Mixed with Some Kerosene Stirred in with Coffee Laced with amphetamine All That it Takes in A Day To get by…read more
launched said

“I’ll record it again sometime”… This is the one and no other bro, I’m telling you. Totally made my day today!

2015 Osckilo and Geir
fudgetusk said

Sounds like the theme tune to The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

That’s a good thing.

2015 Osckilo and Geir
Guest said

Love it, Ian Durham type lyric, also musically got a madness, fun boy 3 vibe about it, I could see this in a modern gangster movie did a "Live in the living room "festival recently... The only music I can play in my living room these days is the odd lot of contemplative classical guitar, as anything else would wake up the family at night... :) Here is…read more
Guest said

Lovely m8

For Someone extremely special. And for those that it might help. Thanks to Dave Purssord for Playing Lead for me. Thanks to St Mary’s for allowing me to record this live in the Church. And Thanks to all you all here. Peace T Some Say…read more
Guest said

You are singing from the heart. Hugs.

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