Tharek Ali Mokbul

Tharek Ali Mokbul

from London, United Kingdom

About "Some Say (Live at St Marys N16. Feat Lead by Dave Purssord)"

For Someone extremely special.
And for those that it might help.

Thanks to Dave Purssord for Playing Lead for me.

Thanks to St Mary’s for allowing me to record this live in the Church.

And Thanks to all you all here.



Some Say
W/M Tharek Mokbul
Lead Guitar line by Dave Purssord


Some say there is nothing to fear but the most high.
None say the lord will hurt you,
So is there nothing to fear.

All of the moments,
When you’re on the street.
Where chaos crashes at your feet.
Chaos a moment defines.

A moment defined by
opposites in life,
where the moon will show no light.
Look harder and we see our sun is gone.

But all see when eyes fail.
Harsh is the light.
Enough to pray that
you will never see.

But trust in trust remains
only defined,
by mountains that stand out beneath the sky.

You will climb the rock face.
A tear drop from it’s eye.
Then kiss the head of all you love again.

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