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a true story from 2014...
Where there's a will there's a way.
Yup, still dirty.
and it's messing me up.
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Danny Zuko from the motion picture Grease sung by Sandy Gritt written by Louis St. Louis and Scott Simon
written by Barry Gibb.
THE CHECK IS GONNA DROP (Bohnenberger) Hungry on vacation Have a conversation Think a gettin something good to eat Cookin in the kitchen thinkin my ambition may be just grillin some meat Vacation make me tired sticky and perspired…read more
WOODED JOURNEY (Winthrop) Take a hike on a summer day Make all your worries go away, And Set out to sail the lake so blue Well I don’t care cause I’m with you Out along the sun filled bay Cruising out all all day Travel Through the…read more
MOUNTAIN LAUNDRY (Bohnenberger) Staying in the mountains a week and a day running out of underwear is all I have to say Find an alternative outside the cabin door And old-fashioned laundromat with a wooden floor A rusty tank of propane…read more
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Music: Jip Verse lyrics: Mark Goldsack Chorus lyrics: Lady Jane Lead recorder: Lady Jane Vocals: Lady Jane A wonderful collaboration that came about by Jip and Mark sending me music/lyrics totally independently and me having a eureka…read more
With Video
Found this little chappie while I was preparing my latest original for loading. It was a quick demo recorded on my Boss Micro BR sometime in October or so last year (2011) while I was working on Shine. It was a sort of "blow the cobwebs out…read more
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a true story from 2014...
Brett Warren said

ha, nice. How’s it goin’, man? You’ve been MIA fer a while.

a true story from 2014...
fudgetusk said


Life can be cold and hard...pretty heavy...luckily we can ROCK!
willis said

Yes, lucky we can rock, and this does!

Life can be cold and hard...pretty heavy...luckily we can ROCK!
Guest said

VERY cool song!

Where there's a will there's a way.
Johnny Stone said


Singer/songwriter…usually wears a hat.

Influences: Tom Waits, Crispin Glover,
Bill “The Spaceman” Lee (pitcher), Charles Bukowski, Fozzy Bear, Wes Anderson

from Vancouver, Canada

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