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Whether You Like it Or Not

Sandy Gritt

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Doing nothing is still something…take a stand.

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thetworegs said

Lets hope so........cause i really want to

Guest said

We love your material! Very nicely done!

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rob mills said

Love your off-kilter songwriting/production. This one transported me back to the late seventies. Nice

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fubarsam said

Pretty gritty kick in the pants kinda song. Awesome.

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate dig and thanks for your recent comments

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henwrench said

love the disjointed guitar playing, brilliant. Great track!!

Guest said


Guest said


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launched said

This one puts a serious smile on my face!!!

Guest said

Edgy and punky - play it LOUD!

Guest said

you've got a great style!

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kirklynch said

That's very cool! Kinda like it's on the edge of chaos but never falls apart.

Guest said

cool tune i like it.

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