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A very early song.
I have had an itinerant life and most of the friends I've made are scattered to the winds. Or rather I am.
singing like ross is hard. but i love this song. i can relate.
singing like ross is hard. but i love this song. i can relate.
The acoustic version in rough of Often hide with part of a song written back when I was putting my mind back together, it goes as a pair with Hammers. Sorry for the glitches, the MAC chirped in a battery warning during the recording, I would avoid…

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the scrunching crunch is from a messed up audio pixelating skype conversation with my brother.
an accordion track. the video to which is here
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Guest said

Love love this tune

Guest said

keep rockinĀ“ross

kavin. said

The sound of Hope.

Nosda Cariad said

So soothing…

FDR said

Like that!nice one :)

I thank God for music to play in.
Which is what I do really.
I have strong connections in Birmingham and Berlin, and do a fair bit of traveling.
I have just started making videos to put up on youtube, and also enjoy making little plastic sculptures, like freestyle Lego, no glue is involved, and more conventional painting and drawing.
God bless you,
All the best,

from Retford, United Kingdom

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