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Don't think twice


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Cheers to Dylan.

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Guest said

somehow scary and absolutely beautiful!

Guest said

Hate to take up all the comment space...but I just had to convey how this song affected me. Have you ever listened to a song and it made you feel it was familiar somehow? It's a really strange occurance.

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what are your influences by the way?

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Folly said

peacey very nice, :)

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ShamPain said

like it very different. works well

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love your style

Guest said

One of my favourite sing alongs. Great new treatment, very, very nice!

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Lalo Oceja said

the bass voice is just great

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-t. said

thanks guys! ..whats PPM..? Post Present Medium? Public Performance Malaysia? oh, wait, Pulse & Power Measurement..?

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OHHO said

Nice PPM cover!

Guest said

Love this! What a fabulous cover. It's so warm and lovely. Kinda like it is in New York today. xoxo Katie

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-t. said

cheers. not door chimes. its a Sansula. just a bit.

Guest said

Excellent job, Tomas! A lot of work. Do I hear door chimes?

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Ross Spencer said

Wonderful! Bring on the mouth trumpets. Good feeling, super harmonies.

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