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Backing Vocals: Olivia Winthrop. Acoustic Guitar: Steve Phillips

Im thinkin bout what I said
it popped right outa my head

howd it get itself in there?
catchin me unaware

It was only a minute ago
and the time begins to flow

the past becoming real
at least that’s how I

Feel the time just slipping away
minutes to hours and hours to days

Yesterday becomes last year
Going faster than it appears

Making more of the history
Study it all for your phd

days and years beginning to climb
that’s how I feel about time

I’m thinkin bout the olden days
They seem so far away

How did it seem back then?
What for them was when?

Lookin into the past
see that nothing ever lasts

a rotten orange peel
At least that’s how I

Does everything really end?
Does the final message send?

Do the credits ever roll?
Is the secret ever told?

The fallen never rise
It isn’t a big surprise

I wait around to see
At least that’s how I

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