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Here is my contribution to the Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show Songwriting Challenge for April:

Our SONGWRITING CHALLENGE for the April 25 show is to write a song that 1) is about the Beatles, 2) sounds like a Beatles’ song or 3) uses a Beatles’ title (don’t worry, titles aren’t copywriteable). The first person to submit a song gets to pick the theme for May’s challenge. Good luck!

I used a title from a George Harrison song written in 1967.

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Colleen Dillon said

Okay. Seriously!!! You are just amazing. This is wonderful. I hear that Beatles influence for sure. Love the lyrics. My guitar and my thoughts are once again friends - killer!!!

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slkrell said

Ha brilliant, 12 string electric still there ,well used. Blue in color as I remember

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vaisvil said

I love this as well!

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Robert Palomo said

Nice use of 12-string acoustic.

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Bethan Mathis said

That's magic Greg!

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Ron said

WOW!! as a huge Beatles and George fan I love this...great job getting the feel and sound of the Beatles.. guitars have that 60's sound...most excellent..... reminds me a little of Norwegian Wood and your voice has a little Tom Petty it love it love it...can't say enough good things about this tune!!!!!!

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