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Lyrics provided by Dale Houstman She Has It All (Sunshine and Shade) ................................................. . . She has it all. Her words that count It’s down to the beauty I’m drowning in doubt. There were no questions…read more
An instrumental rendition. You want to sing over it? Feel free.
Another wonderful rhythm guitar part I borrowed from Keith Landry. Added lap steel guitar, bass and drums.
It's a city of madness Where everyone hurries but no place to go Head out to the country And lose the sadness Where time passes slow Last night I loved you With the fires burning All around The harvest moon looked Down in yearning But…read more
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fudgetusk said

Quality guitar in the background.

fudgetusk said

Diamond tune.

fudgetusk said

Solid work.

Breaking Light said

Those synths are HUGE!! Welcome back!

Guest said


Hi musicians brothers! Alonetone is my place to put my demos and see your reactions. Thanks a lot for your support and frienship.
Hugs, Richard

from Grau d'Agde, FR

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