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Lady Jane

Another one jip1965 sent to me for playing with!

Silent and magical
Calming and practical
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Filtering through the air
Twinkling in our hair
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Dancing on the leaves of trees
Shaking in the wind
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Rays of light that you have only borrowed from the sun
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Catch my eye and catch the light and catch me in the dead of night
Catch my eye and catch the light and catch me in the dead of night

You always shine for me
You make me so happy
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Shimmering, twinkling bright
You animate the night
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Reflections of all the dreams of those who gaze at you
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Full or new, I know I can rely on you to be
Moonbeams, silver moonbeams

Catch my eye and catch the light and catch me in the dead of night
Catch my eye and catch the light and catch me in the dead of night

Enjoy xox

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Latest Comments

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Love chilling out to this song.
Always hits the mark!

jip said

Yay. It’s good

informal grae said

This song is gonna fry my brain (assuming I have one) G:) x

Mike Daish said

Love the new funky video WOW!

launched said

Beyond cool, I love this!

jip said

These are superb lyrics. Nice one Jane.

Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

Great singing … like the melody ,,, reminds me a touch of the cranberries but just a touch. Very nice!

corbinSound said

luminous lunation’s..

Tharek Ali Mokbul said


Guest said

nice retro touch

darkarma said

Kick ass again I see. :)

Guest said

Delightful, nice chord changes

A Bit More Better Productions said

that’s lovely fair doos

jip said

I love the harmonies Jane - also find myself singing it! x

ghst said

something about your voice just makes me happy. this song has the low-fi flavour of childhood popsicle hangouts

Guest said

Proud to be the 200th listener!

Guest said


darkarma said

Very tight work :)

This Caveman's Fire said

wonderful, cute, enjoyable. great song.

Guest said

Keep making that beautiful music LJ. Bringing me back to that wonderful time - To Sir with Love, Downtown, Brian Jones, all that.

Guest said

This is so on my iPod.

facemask93 said

I really am entranced with your vocal , this is fab , totally

James Michael Taylor said

Really like your vocals. Reminds me of the girls that sang in a trio from Seattle back in the fifties called The Fleetwoods. They did Tragedy and Come Softly to Me.

richardlaceves said

yes indeed,,,,you speak of such magical/momentary ,,, fleeting,, wonderful,, moments well done

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Love it :)

Roger M. Harris said

Lovely track…..

rinyville said

Great song, love the harmonies and there’s some magic in this one (and thank you for your comment on my song too).

Greg Connor said

I see what jip1965 is talking about. The song has a touch of melancholy (at least to my ears).

Very inviting. Good one Lady!

Guest said

Oh Lady, you have such a magical, majestic touch. Your melodies are just bewitchingly beautiful!

jip said

Love it jane - this one also has a bit of simon and garfunkle sound about it. Love the harmonies and the lyrics. Wish you could join FDR, 2Regs and I tonight. x

JamesRaimondi said

Oooh….nice vocals , love the bridge section changes.

Andrew Russe said

Wooo… love the harmonies.

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