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More like a cover of the bauhaus cover of Bowie's song. Recorded last night in under two hours from starting programming the drums to posting. Recorded for's Bowie Fest.
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Well as you've come to know Reg wears his heart on his sleeve, the new woman who was going to be the one has gone. He's decided to go for a walk in the park to clear his head , he's sad oh! he is sad, sad, sad, ............. This one, i heard…
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Reg has been over to on the other side and found this little beauty a piece of music by Willi Wendon and he loved it so much he's put a vocal to it. Hope you like it Willie.......... IT'S A CRAZY WORLD It’s a crazy world…
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Reg's little homage to Elizabeth Taylor who passed away today, the piano is a little dodgy and the lyrics and the singing in parts as i'm following my dodgy playing, it will have to be revisited but i thought i'd share anyway as i would forget…
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Improvisation, relaxation? :-) Who knows! I think the video is nice:-) At the store there was an action, where I became these small fairytale figures. In the park was that beautiful red-with-white-spots mushroom, so I went there, (in the dark…
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Please delete my account. I asked nicely by email as requested, so why is it still here?

from Hellsville, United Kingdom

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