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Reg’s little homage to Elizabeth Taylor who passed away today, the piano is a little dodgy and the lyrics and the singing in parts as i’m following my dodgy playing, it will have to be revisited but i thought i’d share anyway as i would forget all about it if i didn’t record it. If there are any pianists who would like to contribute to a collab as in the piano of this piece i would be interested to hear from you as i am just a meagre beginner . I like the tune i just cant play it any better…..i suppose more practice…practice….practice

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Defender Of The People said

cant believe how many things you can do with your vocals. i think this is my fav vocal of urs ive heard so far.

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vaisvil said

and I 2nd what Norm said - you have an amazing tonal control over your voice.

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vaisvil said


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Wildgeas Music said

Love your vox on this regs. She was certainly the last of the classic actresses. Apparently she was 15 minutes late for her funeral. She was also buried in the same mausoleum as Michael Jackson.

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igor said

~Reg has no reason to afraid of Virginia Woolf anymore, she was gone. He is sadly quiet. Me too~ P.S. I'm ready to try writing the piano/organ/strings part here (not sure it'll be so dodgy as you did but...), let me know how. P.P.S. Cleopatra...

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Djörk said

nice work :)

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Dave Berry said

flipping sensational Reg-man......deep feeling here.

Guest said

Oh no, I didn't know! Bless her! Thanks Regs.

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Norm said

Yet another side to your amazing voice, Reg. Impressive.

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