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"OP EEN GROTE PADDESTOEL"(on a large mushroom) by ROELEKE


Uploaded .

Improvisation, relaxation? :-) Who knows!
I think the video is nice:-)

At the store there was an action, where I became these small fairytale figures.
In the park was that beautiful red-with-white-spots mushroom, so I went there, (in the dark ofcourse, hehe :-) with my camera and figures and made some pictures there.
In the Netherlands we have a song for children: “OP EEN GROTE PADDESTOEL” (on a big mushroom), so I had to think of that.
I improvised with my organ and later on played with a program, so that you must be familiar with the song, and also be a good listener, otherwise you won’t recognize .
The song in Dutch is (as far as I can remember)

Op een grote paddestoel,
rood met witte stippen
zat kabouter Spillebeen
heen en weer te wippen.
Krak zei toen de paddestoel,
en met een diepe zucht,
vlogen twee beentjes, hoepla, zomaar in de lucht!

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Dave Berry said

This is really beautiful.....thanks for your comment.

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Wildgeas Music said

:) Delightful. Very, very, creative.

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