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It's A Crazy World with Willie Wendon


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Reg has been over to on the other side and found this little beauty a piece of music by Willi Wendon and he loved it so much he’s put a vocal to it. Hope you like it Willie……….


It’s a crazy world what i’m living in
I just don’t know what to expect from you anymore
Do you love me or are you about to leave
I just can’t tell anymore is it a dream
I just cant tell reality from the real
I just cant see if i’m wrong or if i’m right
So darling help me please explain
then we can get on with loving again

I don’t know what i gotta do
Can I do anything to put it right
I know I don’t need this pain through out the night
It’s a crazy world in which i’m living in
A crazy kind a world that i’m living in
Babe if you don’t want me, then please close the door
Then you’ll never know that love i wanted to explore
I know i will love again
Now deep inside i know theres another man that you hide
In this crazy world
I kind of understand
But I need to know the truth
Is there another man
I need to leave this torment back behind the door
ooh its a crazy world
I cant take it no more
Its a crazy world
I don’t want it no more

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spf006 said

Hello Tworegs! I'm writing to inquire about permission to use your music in a podcast I produce and of which I am technical-director. Its called the IndieBookMan Show and explores independent publishing every week. You can check out past episodes at We're constantly pairing independent artists' music with our interviews and show topics, for which we give verbal/audio credits within the show and also links with your choice of copy on the website for each episode in which your music gets used. Please let me know if we may include you. Keep up the great work, Thanks in advance, Sean P. Finn Technical Director, The IndieBookMan Show Founding Member, BPN (Baltimore Podcasting Network)

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Dave Berry said

sheeeeeeeeeeet hot man...........thats a song..........thats a monster song............bring it up...........great coolab guys.

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Defender Of The People said

fukin awesome

Guest said

Hi Trevor thought I'd pop over and see how it was doing and thank everyone for their kind remarks......Willie W

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epimeison said

Wonderful blues...

Guest said

Oh this is nice! Wonderful music and a vocal to be proud of Regs.

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vaisvil said

excellent work - sad, sad blues.

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Norm said

Excellent Reg!

Guest said


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lgh said

Now, that is a sweet collab guys!!!! I downloaded to my mp3 player.... LG

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facemask93 said

Nice words reg , nice words

Guest said

This is a very evocative piece for me. Takes me back to a time when we all played a little less frenetically and let ourselves express from a different place.Enjoyed Al

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