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An original guitar arrangement by Movement to Contact stirred this dormant memory from a long slumber. Enjoy!
Welcome to my day on the river with Karen, folks. INTO THE LIGHT (THIS LAZY RIVER) Take me down to the river Throw the jackets in the hull of the boat Let the current deliver To the bend at the bridge where it’s harder to float What…read more
You'll tell me when you're ready. DON’T WORRY ‘BOUT THAT RIGHT NOW Where have you been is all they’ve been asking Where are you going is what I’d like to know Why are you running when nobody’s chasing? What are you hiding? What can’t…read more
Be careful. She's pretty powerful. SHE WALKS She walks on the leaves without making a sound She walks like she can’t hear the dragons all around She walks and the sun stays a pace or two behind She walks with your secrets in the back…read more
Yes, the ocean has it's own ideas. THE MIND OF THE OCEAN I never should’ve wrote that letter And thrown it off into the sea It’s never gonna get any better And now it’s so easy to see It never was meant to be I never should’ve grabbed…read more
Created all in one go with nothing to write on while I walked the Hilton Head beach in the rain last spring, this gentle little song more came through me than from me. ROLLING ON BY I had an old soul when I was a young man Turning my phrases…read more
Yeah, I'm pretty much willing to do anything for you. ALL OF ME I always thought that only fools could fall for love at first sight But when I caught you in the corner of my eye I knew they might’ve had it right You wouldn’t think a man…read more
Love is worth a chance, don't you think? THE ONE THING Love isn’t always the way it should be Man, it can pull you right down to your knees Still it’s the only way you can get free Take it from me Love isn’t something that you should…read more
I fear the day when it will be the last one. ANOTHER GOODBYE I don’t know where to start, but I guess I’ll try I can speak from my heart, and I’ll try not to cry I won’t see you enough, and we know time’ll fly Then we’ll fall out of…read more
Sometimes there's an image you just can't get out of your head. I don't know this girl, but I'm sure she exists. CALL COLLECT TO GOD She’s been chasing rainbows with the wind in her hair Spending years running to the end to find there…read more
My youngest daughter couldn't wait to get back into the New Hampshire river water. Walking was not an option. INTO THE WATER Run into the water up to your knees Little daughter, no, you won’t freeze River flowing down from the sky You…read more
Eventually, games like this arise for everyone when alone with someone else for a while. In the end, though, there always is only one choice. ALWAYS CHOOSING YOU Sitting with you out here by the fire underneath the summer sky Behind the…read more
An afternoon on the Saco with Karen always leads to delusions of grandeur. Now where did I leave that eye patch? SACO RIVER PIRATES Another Maine sunrise on the not so high seas Hand me my eyepatch, I’ll help you tie the peg leg to your…read more
Just a couple of different vocal choices so the vocal drop between the verses and the chorus isn't so drastic... LAYING LOW THIS CHRISTMAS Times are still tough this December And money, it don't grow on trees I've watched 'em all fall…read more
LAYING LOW THIS CHRISTMAS Times are still tough this December And money, it don't grow on trees I've watched 'em all fall since September If I could, I'd be selling the leaves We've been making ends meet on a shoestring Trying to find…read more
As outraged as I've been over the past week, when I sat down to write about it, all I could think was, "How can I get through to someone?" This is the result. I Know You and You're Not One of Them You say you're defending the red from…read more
Follow the arc through the sky Hard to judge how high Only steel in your spine Pretend you can fly For a moment in time Only you and the sun Trying to catch the other one A free man's work is never done It's just begun Turn your head…
Up with the sunrise My new morning routine Late last night with the fireflies One more dimly-lit scene Need to trade in these old eyes Hard to tell red from green Pull the visor down tight And tie up the chain Let's ride blind in the…read more
Take me where I've never been Give me bad instructions once again Strap me in and watch me fly Sit back, take bets on just how long until I die Just me against the world Impressing all the pretty girls I'll do impressions standing on my…read more
You can't say I didn't warn you You wear your recklessness with pride Death will be riding right behind you all along A friend you never could deny But still you try Keep your wits about you Lean into the turns along the ride The only…read more
I've been living like a poor man Lying on my back day after day Waking up wearing the same old clothes once again The vultures and vampires won't go away They bring me just enough to stay alive The stuff you only eat when there's no other…read more
How many ways can you get yourself killed? How many ways can you die? So many ways if you have a strong will A will so much stronger than I Put rocks in your shoes and go jump in a lake Go walking 'round barefoot with venomous snakes Looking…read more
The frames hang on the wall We so often walk by And don't notice at all The world was still new There's a light in your eyes Back before we all grew Close the window It's getting cold Or maybe I'm just getting old There's a promise…read more
The finished product! Oldest daughter shines! We don't always see eye to eye And there are some days I don't know how we get by We spend so much time caught in the race Gotta slow down the pace When did the river get so wide All I thought…read more
Well, soon the new EP will be complete, featuring Jessica (the REAL talent in the family), but as with earlier songs, I thought y'all might like to hear what it sounded like when it first entered the world. Meet me at The Narrows, ya'll.
Yes, I really did see the old Ford years later. HERE AT LAST Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitar Liam Byrne: Drums Brian Martin: Bass They say the good times are gone And they ain't coming back They say it's been too long And we're way…read more
Ever been hypnotized? No? Let me ask you something... Have you ever been so in love that you did things you otherwise wouldn't have done? So let me ask you again. Ever been hypnotized? CLAP THREE TIMES Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitars…read more
Gotta take of 'em until they can take care of themselves, gang. GUARDIAN ANGEL Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitar Liam Byrne: Drums Brian Martin: Bass So you thought you could handle Whatever the world threw your way Now you're finding…read more
I actually wrote the entire song so I could get Jessica to sing the line "Have you heard how her voice sounds with mine" along with me. NEW LULLABY Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitars Jessica Landry: Vocals Oh what a beautiful sound Seventh…read more
The incomparable Andy Samford kicks just a little ass on guitar. Keith Landry: Vocals, Acoustic guitar Liam Byrne: Drums Brian Martin: Bass Andy Samford: Electric guitar HE CAN'T LOVE YOU LIKE I DO What you have will soon be torn…read more
This pretty much sums it all up for me I guess. STONE FROM THE OCEAN Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitar Liam Byrne: Drums Brian Martin: Bass Brian Mooney: Piano Chasing the daylight On the horizon Down to the sea The tilt of the…read more
If someone - maybe you think is a little wild-eyed - grabs you by the hand and asks you to run, do it. If you don't, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. FREEDOM AND FIRE You never see love coming But you sure can see it leaving…read more
So many widow's walks in New England. So many hardened girls. CAN'T WALK ON WATER Can't walk on water Can't drown in the sand A fisherman's daughter It's out of her hands If you told her you loved her She'd want to know why There…read more
One of those little gems written in the during the final months of recording. RIGHT ON TIME Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitar, Whistling Jessica Landry: Vocals Liam Byrne: Drums I've been waiting on you Longer than I've been alive And…read more
It wasn't until I finished recording this track that I realized how great an influence the ocean has had on my songwriting. I'LL WATCH THE SHORE Keith Landry: Vocals, Guitar Jessica Landry: Vocals Brian Mooney: Piano Liam Byrne: Drums…read more
My life's simply too good to write a proper blues song. CAN'T SING THE BLUES Keith Landry: Guitar, Vocals Liam Byrne: Drums Brian Martin: Bass My wife hasn't left me The dog's still alive The kids are all healthy Got a nice car…read more
Just a taste of the ongoing project - a sweet little song about finding love later in life. Ultimately, Jessica will be singing the first verse, I'll keep the second, and she'll be harmonizing with me the rest of the way. The whistling will…read more
The preferred track on the album. I allowed myself to get into it near the end.
A lullaby to close the album.
Thinking 'bout someone while I recorded it.
Most of the tracks here were named on the spot. This one was no different. I arranged this one in November - kinda caught the mood of winter rolling in.
Yup, I wrote it at around 2:00 a.m. I never was very good at going to bed.
Yeah. More of an indictment of my lack of playing ability than anything else.
Stolen from "Objects in the Morror," I let this one meander from it's original arrangement.
None of us are assembled properly. Some nights are worse than others.
The title track. Always curious to hear what people think the name means.
Yeah. Recorded on a Tuesday. Real original, Landry.
There's a historical marker near the side of the road on McCrea Hill just down the road. Jane gets a passing credit as the last line of the plaque reads "Sister Jane was martyred." Neat little piece of American history you might want to delve…
The kids at their best. Jessica on flute, Rebecca on saxophone, Amelia on clarinet.
The inspiration for this year's album. I wanted to make a track that would make both Neil Degrasse Tyson and Pete Seeger happy... ...I hope you ruminate on the size of the universe - and just what that means - while hearing the girls play.
So Jessica recorded this in one take. It won't be long before I'm just the guy that hits record. ...And she's already working out the harmonies.
Arranged by Jessica (with contributions from Amelia), I've gone days without being able to shake this melody.
A nod to ACL's inspired musical genre "Bunny Funk." Sadly, squirrels don't tend to be as happy as bunnies.
A true story of one of the worst lapses in parental judgment I've ever displayed. I think the song's hilarious. The older girls are still scarred.
A collaborative composition driven by Jessica's opening hook... And she recorded it in one take.
Rebecca shocked me with her vocals on this little song about the family dog's lack of intelligence.
Yeah, I know. There's an out of tune string in there. Well, bite me. I like it.
Recorded when we weren't sure how close to the 35-minute mark we were getting for the RPM Challenge... And every second counts. Besides, we didn't have any "woos" on the album. And woos always make an album better
Just a little melody that needed to be written. Don't know if lyrics'll follow, but feel free to jam along!
Wrote this and performed it for my mom's 70th birthday party. Our family is a bit crazy. FORTY-THIRTY Well, your birthday rolled around again The way all birthdays do And this year it’s a big one Once again you’re sixty-two I’m sorry…read more
Well, I had to swear SOMEWHERE in the album. GIRLS LIKE YOU You’re young and pretty Shy and smart and witty With a face that could’ve Launched a thousand ships Tall, dark, and stupid He must’ve paid off cupid To get his ugly face…read more
The title track to this year's RPM album. The lines actually forced themselves into being and then straightaway demanded that no other lines should be written. When the songs speak that loudly, I do what I'm told. OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR…read more
THE LIGHTHOUSE You hide an ancient soul Behind your tired eyes You keep a heart of gold Buried deep inside At least you tried Always in control Of what the world might see Has taken quite a toll You’re afraid that you might be Lost…read more
The Barn Storm (another band here on alonetone) is about as good as it gets. I had the fleeting idea last year that I should make an album inspired by the names of as many great indie musician friends as possible. This is the only one that…read more
One of my favorites from this year's album, probably because I didn't have to write the back story. Little sis wrote a novel called "The Wishmaker" set on an island off the coast of Maine. I'm betting y'all'll be seeing it on shelves soon…read more
THE LIGHT OF YOUR SMILING FACE I’ve been warming my hands in the light of your smiling face I never knew what I was missing I thought I had it all Summer fading in the distance I wasn’t ready for the fall Leaves turn gold Just before…read more
MIGHT BE A SIGN I didn’t think about you all this weekend While I was standing in the rain I didn’t worry ‘bout where you were going Or where you might have been It might be a sign I’m going insane I didn’t think about you all this evening…read more
When I was a junior in high school, I read the book "Illusions" by Richard Bach. It was "that book" for me and at age sixteen I started realizing what I was capable of becoming. I read it again twenty-five years later, and as the line in the…read more
The opening track to this year's RPM album. PATCHWORK PLAN You don’t have a job and I don’t have a place to stay I make just enough for all the bills you have to pay We won’t roll in dough but who needs money anyway It don’t sound half…read more
Just putting this one back up after having it down for a while. Not as good as Colin or Inge's versions, but not half bad.
Just a little cover tune I did in preparation for last year's live RPM Challenge album "Letters." Nylon string Yamaha travel guitar, vocals, and one mic... Missed notes and all.
OUSTANDING collaboration with the great Gary Fox. ONE AND ONLY How many times have you been Captured by a camera With no one really knowing who you are Caught in the sight lines In the background In the corner of their eyes Never…read more
FOUND IN THE MOVEMENT She moves in a spinning reminder A violent link to the past Don't you dare try to define her She might not be big, but she's fast A release of God-given aggression An arm near her head in defense Somewhere just short…read more
Andy Samford kicking ass on guitar, Brian Martin on bass, and Jim Garn (MTC) on drums... A song that was assembled bass-ackwards. I'M FIGHTING TIME Sitting in the movies back in 1985 The first long weekend in July With Doc and Einstein…read more
LOST IN THE GRAY Never ran into the water on a summer day Never had the time to find a better word to say Never tried anyway Never thought I'd ever try to find another way Never even thought I'd ever really want to stay Never knew how…read more
Thanks to Colin Garvey for giving his energy to this little duet... And to Genevieve for making good on a promise. BORN AT THE RIGHT TIME Born at the right time Underneath the summer sky Always walked a fine line Making good and barely…read more
DANCING IN THE LIGHT Got you on my mind Like every other day From now until the end of time I haven’t found a way To take you dancing in the light And take you running in the night I’m thinking you just might Like to go dancing, dancing…read more
TURN ROUND All your turns All your pain Lessons learned Will remain Hiding in the silence of a footstep Some familiar sound Walking toward the east before the sunset Turn round Lost in thought Troubled mind All you’ve fought…read more
JUST AS WELL Why is youth so beautiful And why’s it always wasted on the young When did my days go flying by So many passes of the sun There’s so much I could tell you So much I’d like to say It might be just as well You never heard…read more
Arrangement by Jana Persson (Strummindude) Accompanying vocals by Andrea Szirbik CIVIL WAR Holding down the borders What's mine is yours Folding down the corners Of pages meaning more Walking on the wire Never thought to look for…read more
Gary and I did something good. ONE AND ONLY How many times have you been captured by a camera With no one really knowing who you are Caught in the sight lines in the background In the corner of their eyes Never looking closely at the…read more
My first completed 2013 RPM track. Thanks to Kavin for turning a simple acoustic song into what you hear today. ONE LAST DANCE I never got to tell you what's been on my mind It might be just as well now that we're running out of time…read more
Red string of fate... Go look it up! ONE RED STRING One red string Forever tied Through everything I’ve ever tried You can always bring be back to life Just by coming ‘round There’s something magic in your eyes Or maybe something…read more
January challenge songwriting fun... WATER UNDER WATER So near the surface So near the end So near the purpose Time and again Just barely breathing I’ll need you when I’m floating in the water under water Holding on loosely Without letting…read more
I'm a teacher, a parent of elementary school children, a mental health advocate, and a pacifist. It's been a rough week... But there's still time. TIME Time to look in the mirror Time to say what we believe Is this the world we want…read more
Well, here's my installment for this year's RPM Holiday Challenge. Enjoy!
Demo version of a song I've been messing with. I know what they're missing... The only girl. I know what they're missing... The one and only in the world.
Garn/Landry (And I barely deserve any credit for this one at all) A while back, Jim recorded a rough version of this song, and upon listening to it, I was thrown back to a day from my youth. While vacationing in Vermont, a small twister throwing…read more
Landry/Garn When I sent this song off to Jim, he sent back tracks for a second rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and drums. Bass soon followed, and Kavin's slide dropped in nicely. Just thought I'd let y'all have a listen to what came back to me…read more
Well, here's a REAL oldie. This is the one my kids like me to play most when we're in the backyard with the fire pit and the sun going down. They play gently through the first 4:07... And then run around like maniacs for the last 1:20.
A song of love, loss, and unrelenting hatred for those pin-striped S.O.B.'s. WARNING: You might hear an occasional F-bomb.
A partial re-write and full re-record of my teacher's protest song.
Hey, it's good to let people know you miss 'em.
Written for a friend from days long past working in special needs summer camps... Now she's raising an autistic son, and doing an amazing job of it. Still, none of it's fair.
Another "oldie but goodie" that had never really gotten the love it deserved... The original version came in at over six minutes (and even I recognize in looking back that it was WAY too long).
Sometimes you gotta show New Hampshire a little love.
This song seemed to fit so nicely with this year's RPM feel that I decided to re-record it during February.
One of the first songs I ever wrote... When we bought our first house, we had a nice big back yard on a 1/3 acre lot... With the train tracks just on the other side of the back fence.
A few months back, Jim (MTC) posted an outstanding acoustic track which summoned up a clear-as-day memory from my childhood. The vividness of that memory resulted in this song... Amazing how such significant events in your life (like recognizing…read more
The title track for this year's RPM album. One mic. Live take. Please forgive the missed notes. LETTERS Writing while I drive with voices in my mind Passed along by friends I’ve never met Trying to stay alive in one place in time Haven’t…read more
Some reflections after recording this song: 1. Mic positioning for a live take can drive you crazy 2. The lowest note I can comfortably sing is an A 3. A tortured soul can somehow write an amazing love song 4. I still have much to learn
My contribution to this year's RPM Kitchen Challenge. Very silly. Well, can’t you see the baby’s crawling And pulling up all by herself I can’t imagine what will be falling When she climbs up on the shelf See how much she likes to…read more
Just a rough version of a song I plan to record properly during this coming February's RPM Challenge. EDUCATION REALITY CHECK I work with children every morning Check their progress every night I'm an expert with technology And interactive…read more
So after hearing some of Stephen Krell's outstanding picking, I asked him if he'd like to play along with any of my songs... I can't be happier with the one he picked to add his banjo to (seeing as how the song is written about my favorite Pete…read more
Written for Mick's RPM Holiday Challenge... Anyone who's experienced "Black Friday" against their will should find this entertaining. YOU MIGHT HAVE A SHITTY CHRISTMAS Waking up at 3:00 a.m. Why the hell did I try to sleep at all…read more
Just posting a stripped-down version (as per a listener request) of this DADGAD tuned song.
The title track. At one point I had visions of everyone singing at the end of the album (and thank you to those of you that did), but I just couldn't get it to sound right (I don't really know what I'm doing after all). So instead of voices…read more
For the daughters of two of my favorite people. Bonfire Lullaby Dannah studies my hands while I play With heavy eyes at the end of a runaround day Fading fast ‘neath a summer night’s sky No need to wonder why Time stands still in her…read more
One of the first songs I wrote for "Burning Wood (the Bonfire Sessions)", and one of the last to be completed, Sam lends her incredible vocal talents to this sunny-day driving song. LIFE IS GOOD Windows down, my baby by my side Life is…read more
Sometimes you need to stay up late to try to force yourself to dream. When I wrote this song (and started singing it a bit), I knew that my voice could never give it what it needed... So I turned it over to one Sister Savage... And she did…read more
Well, I sent this simple little arrangement off to Jana to see what he thought it needed. When he suggested a uke, I said "Go for it!" He was right... Can't thank him enough for his contribution. HERE WE ARE TODAY How can it be so…read more
Well, screw the metronome, damn the torpedoes, and grab a capo! Sometimes the best versions are the ones played fast and loose. Hope you enjoy this song adapted from one of my all-time favorite poems (I'm a bit biased since my dad wrote it…read more
Other layers may or may not be in the works, but I thought I'd let everyone have a listen so far. HERE WE ARE TODAY How can it be so clear In my mind The first night you were here Like going back in time Sweet as summer wine Your whisper…read more
Another rough cut (just to get it together). The lyrics to this little song were written by my father quite some time ago. It's one of my favorite poems, and I hope I do it justice in song. Pea Pod Magic How do the pea pods blossom and…read more
I'm really thinking of renaming the upcoming "Burning Wood... The Bonfire Sessions" album "Stealing Genius." I write something simple, put down some picking at the beginning, some acoustic guitar and some vocals, and send it off to people with…read more
Along with her magnificent harmonizing vocal tracks, Inge sent me one track which was crashed by her 2-year old son Willem. He pretty much takes over the whole operation at about 3:00. In the background you can hear the original rough vocals…read more
Well, I wrote this song as a note to my wife (who makes lists from time to time). I thought it would be a cute little tune... I figured it might work just as well for a wife singing to her husband... So I sent it to Inge to let her have a go…read more
Added a little more to this nice little change of strumming patterns played as an excuse to write a little love song. I FOUND LOVE You know I love you more than I Ever thought one simple man could You know I need you more than I Ever…read more
So I'm back at Caffe Lena on Thursday night gearing up for my two songs and a band called "Driftwood" takes the stage (banjo, acoustic guitar, fiddle) and blows everyone away. Kinda gets me thinking... And writing... "Driftwood" Coming down…read more
Well, this may be the final tweaking of this nice little sing along song... I sent this fun little sing along off to Jim of MTC fame, and once again he has outdone himself... And I can't thank him and his wife (who appears covertly) enough…
Gather 'round the bonfire for some sh*t-kicking New England bluegrass, boys and girls! Feel free to sing along! Massachusetts Born so near the ocean I can taste it Summer's so damn short you don't dare to waste it I've seen the Northern…read more
Well, here's a quick stripped-down version of a song that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and needed to record just to get it out of my head... Also my first crack at harmonizing with myself (kinda cool, but a bit weird for me to hear me singing…read more
Bookending the "Late December" CD, this song about my little girls on Christmas morning holds a special place in my heart. Thanks to Sam and Mick for making it perfect. One Perfect Day Go to sleep my blue-eyed girl The sun is on its…read more
A crazy little song written while considering Ed Robertson's plane crash from a few years back, "Any Landing" is given much legitimacy by Ashley's incredible voice and Kavin Allenson's (Kavin S. Acoustic Church) guitar. Any Landing Learning…read more
Another formerly poorly recorded song... Really a piece of poetry that was put to music (a hit-or-miss approach for me that seemed to work well on this one). Three Times More Dad plants his spring garden For a good summer bounty he's…read more
When the girl in the room is just too cute for me to concentrate on whatever it was I was trying to do. Anything Done How am I supposed to get anything done With you looking like that I'm so far gone I'm forgetting where I'm at How…read more
Inspired by a picture of my sister at the top of the Estes Cone (I was too out of shape to get up there myself... something I need to do when I return to RMNP). From the Top of the World On the top of the world Nothing 'round 'cept mountain…read more
Roughly recorded years ago... A little more properly recorded now. Pass On Love Falling off the fence in year twelve of your lifetime Landing hard'll change your view of time The minutes left in life will count down slowly I need to…read more
So I'm watching Ken Burns' documentary on the National Parks and realize that I'd never written that John Muir song I had been meaning to get to... So I got to it. Tim Alexander (Letter Seventeen) mentioned that he thought the song needed a…read more
Vocal excellence from girl named Sam... Do you really need any other reason to listen? A Little Playing Blue sky Only getting clearer Blue eyes Like looking in a mirror I can tell just what you’re thinking By that tiny little flicker…read more
A few years back (when I lived it Texas), I drove out to an open field to watch the Geminids meteor shower... I really need to remember to look up at the night sky more often. The Showers of December Lying flat on my back Looking…read more
The contrast of this aging "summer boy" and his outdoors-loving daughter who is more than happy to run out into the cold. Late December Late December The nights get so long Turning embers In the dark before dawn Late December For…read more
Well, about six months ago, I uploaded a rough study called "Songwriting Day One." I wasn't sure where the song would go, but words came in January just in time for this year's RPM album... And before I forget... Curse you Bm!!! GENEVIEVE…read more
The explanation for this is a bit long, so if you're just looking for the lyrics, switch over to "about" and click the "view more" box below. So I'm eating fish and chips at an Irish restaurant waiting to play an open mic in Saratoga over at…read more
So I dropped the guitar into DADGAD tuning for the first time, threw a capo on the third fret, rifled off something nice, and sent it to Movement to Contact for his contribution, got it back, did some mixing... Here is the result. YOU NEED…read more
A slightly destructive children's song... But I suspect that many of you have tried some of the things mentioned. I have a great idea up in my head Let's try it out this afternoon We'll tie the dog up to the sled Pretend we're launching…read more
Tharek sent me this beautifully played guitar arrangement and told me to have at it with the spirit of Christmas, so I wrote and recorded this little message of hope and peace. Somehow when I write music with and for fellow musicians across the…read more
Well, after a couple of nights of recording, this is my effort for RPM's Holiday Challenge. Personally, O Holy Night is my favorite of all Christmas Songs. I added a little winter love song intro... COME WALK WITH ME Come walk with me in the…read more
So Jim of "Movement to Contact" asked me a couple of weeks ago to send him something... I had no idea how ridiculously good the final result would come out. KL: Vocals, lyrics, left side rhythm guitar and picking MTC: Lead guitar, bass…read more
The next step in the progression of this song... It still needs quite a bit of cleanup (and some extra arranging), but it's getting there. Hey, everyone writes songs about falling in love (which for me was, like, seventeen years ago), so I thought…read more
Is it incomplete? Yes... Does it need a whole lot of cleaning up? Yes... Are there lyrics? Yes... Does it need more arrangement? Yes (but that's coming with a little collaboration on the way)... So, yes the title is the actual title to…read more
The opening to a new little ditty... More to come as it progresses.
Well, I realized while listening to so many other great rough cuts and demos (and how much I enjoyed listening to them), that it was about time I contributed to the process. Rather than posting only completed songs, I decided to put up the rough…read more
Inspired by Tess' little Morwenna and my (getting bigger) Jessica. Writing back and forth with Bethan, I came to realize that a song needed to be written about the significance of the statements that so often come from the mouths of babes…read more
Finally, the finishing touches seem to be put on this three-year-old song thanks to some very talented people. The band is: Liam (age 13 at the time of recording) on drums A Girl Named Sam (she's no kid!) with the backing vocals Genevieve…read more
Another song from the archive... Written about a friend who somehow seemed to come out of her general sad manner... Thoughts go back to a lunar eclipse when the girl I was standing next to to watch it (way back in college) disappeared from sight…read more
After writing this song about our newly adopted dog, I asked Kavin if he like to play some slide guitar, knowing that he would come up with something terrific... I just had no idea how terrific. Bandit rides in the back of my truck A big…read more
Another oldie but goodie (again, apologies for the few seconds of silence it takes to get to the intro). This song is the first that I really tried to record properly, written around Christmastime four or five years ago with my seventh grade…read more
The first recorded version of this song, this little folk song was originally written fifteen or so years ago with just the four chord rhythm guitar and single vocal. The song became what it is today when I needed to write additional verses for…read more
What does a songwriter do when he's addicted to Doctor Who (and his new very cute companion)? He writes... Amy Pond Red hair and that pretty face beneath it My how you've grown up after oh so many years I've only been away for ten or…read more
After listening to Brian's beautiful guitar piece "Mellow," Brian was kind enough to allow me to sing along... Never saw you coming Down my lonely road I never saw you coming Can't be sure you'll never go I know you'll be leaving But I keep believing…read more
More Garageband non-real instruments nicely arranged.
Just another entry from the old Garageband experiments.
The first real fully arranged Garageband piece from a few years back (before I realized you could actually RECORD using the program).
More Garageband compositions... just nice to play while the kids are doing homework.
Just a simple Garageband drop and drag composition... No lyrics, just an exercise in background music.