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Would You Be So Kind

Keith Landry

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I keep searching for a sign
From the other side
To keep my hope alive
Trying to walk the line
God knows how hard I’ve tried
Don’t know if I’ll survive

Gotta let it slide

Man, these are trying times
If you attempt to fly
You wind up flying blind
So I’ll just sit here making rhymes
And if you’re passing by
Would you be so kind

And drop a coin inside

Did I lose my way
So many years ago
Should I have more to say
I guess I’ll never know
If I never came to play
Would I be staring at the snow
Should I pray for sunny days
Though I suppose
The rain has helped me grow

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Ricia Rae said

oh yes!! This is great. Beautiful voice you have (and cool guitar). The bridge is that guitar. Congrats on your RPM :)

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