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Walk Away

Keith Landry

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I met a buddy out for dinner
To catch up on our lives
Both way less saint and way more sinner
At least, according to our wives

But as he got himself a-talking
He sounded more and more insane
What he believed became so shocking
For who he thought should bear the blame

He’d turned his back on truth and reason
In spite of all I tried to say
When there was just no way to reach him
I walked away

You learn in life so many people
Turn into someone you don’t know
Like they can’t tell the sound so evil
The best thing to do is let ’em go

You could waste away a season
Trying to find the words to say
When there’s just no way to reach ’em
Walk away

Guest said

This is something I've experienced as well. And have used that in a song too! Great job, btw.

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