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This year will be my fifth year coaching one of my daughters in tee ball, and although I played ball competitively into my thirties, coaching the kids is easily the most fun I've ever had on the diamond.
Thank God!... Something up-beat. One of my colleagues has THE party of the year on Labor Day weekend every year, and I play around the bonfire from dusk until everyone is unconscious... and the ladies like to dance.
Exorcising an old demon. Eight or ten years ago, one of my ninth grade students came up with a permanent solution to a temporary problem on Halloween night. He was the last kid I had spoken to that day on my way out the door. Again, if you…read more
In 1979, my father came home from the record store with an album that forever changed my life, Pete Seeger's Circles & Seasons. Before I knew Pete to be the blacklisted folk icon that had been on the humanitarian side of every fight since…read more
Written while watching a good friend going through the run-up to a divorce. This song isn't a whole lot of fun, and for that I apologize... But when all you have is twenty-eight days, you have to go with what you've got.
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