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I had this thought this year that maybe I will try and come up with drum parts that don't sound very traditional. Sort of like mid-80's Neil Peart kinda things. In the end there were only a few songs that I attempted something. This is one…read more
Part of the plan this year was to use a real amplifier and real effects pedals on all of the guitar parts. Recently I have been becoming obsessed with uni-vibe style pedals. I used one on this song, a cheap thing called a Shaky Jimi. I used…read more
I like this one, but at the same time... I don't. It's just not quite good enough. Not as good as I was hoping at least. I dropped it from the RPM album. The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker. The rhythm guitar is an ES-335. The lead is a…read more
I was a prog rock fan for years when suddenly in high school I got really into what would eventually be called Alternative. It was so weird to me that music so uncomplicated could be so good. Some songs were even made up of one phrase repeated…read more
I don't hate this one, which is high praise this year. It's okay. The rhythm guitar is an ES-335 through a Joyo Vintage Phase pedal. The lead is a Les Paul through an EHX Soul Food pedal. The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker. Don’t know what…read more

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J. Rags 12/19/03
If a Uni-Vibe pedal modulates the pitch, how do you double track with one? The answer? Very carefully. Actually, I just did it. I used the same settings on both guitar tracks and panned them both hard to one side. The effect was a kinda groovy…read more
The inspiration for the lyrics to this mess was a tweet from someone named Adrian Bott that stated, "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party." This one isn't so bad…read more
This is an early favorite for the "stand out track" title. I like the groove quite a bit. Although I was literally falling asleep while mixing it so who knows if it sounds okay or not. I am in love with my new little Fender Bassbreaker 15…read more
Double tracked Wah-Wah. Pretty much the high point of awesomeness. Les Paul through a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah into a Fender Bassbreaker. Give it up now Everything that you care about trade it in for make believe and fairy tails…read more

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I remastered this one that got deleted a while ago, still too much stuff in it but keeps rabbits outta the garden when i crank it on exterior speakers outside.
RPM 2k15 vocals by Ashley Reynolds this whole place going down the drain and i’m going along for the ride nobody forced my hand nobody made me this way nobody tried to stop me either it’s not what i say, what i do it’s everything all…read more
RPM 2k15 vocal by Gregg Todt is it the medication that makes her stare off into space? those little pills in the bottle grab your collar smack you in the face i want to make an appointment to see that drug, so he will give her back to…read more
With Big Time Operator, who originally uploaded his aweome music with the offer that anyone can add vocals...too good to miss! Love this music, and had loads of fun wailing. Thanks Chris! Played on BBC Radio Introducing. :) http://alonetone…
from the album "ZERO" featuring Tess Savigear on vox seems like I felt this way before but my memory is not to be trusted so many things flashing through my brain was it real or a dream or something else you're staring at me like a criminal…read more

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A simple 12-bar in 6/8 time. I almost like it. The guitars are all Les Paul. Turn the page again It's time to start anew From the top this time don't think we can make it Don't see there's much chance Round and round and round we…read more
JamesRaimondi said

Oh yes those are LP’s allright. Sound great!

Eh. I thought it would be cool to write something in drop D and then play it on a 12 string. Then I could drop two D's! HarHarHar. The lyrics are about how scary some of Donald Trumps followers are. If he wins in November I'm moving to…read more
Guest said

You’d be very welcome in Europe Robert but believe me we have our own problems. Nice work

Eh. I thought it would be cool to write something in drop D and then play it on a 12 string. Then I could drop two D's! HarHarHar. The lyrics are about how scary some of Donald Trumps followers are. If he wins in November I'm moving to…read more
Johnny Stone said

Another cool track

This one had throw away written all over it from the first moment I thought of it. It's my second entry in the Ice Cream Chords challenge over at I kept this one in Major and it's just as fruity as one would expect. The lyrics are…read more
Johnny Stone said

Nice one

I'm really disappointed in this one. I don't like it. I wrote it last night and recorded it today. I think if I changed the lyrics to be about hookers I could probably sell it to Poison or Motley Crue. I feel dirty and ashamed of myself…read more
Johnny Stone said

Like it dig the vocals

I am a guitar player and a 3rd rate songwriter.

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