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tweaking a srv tone.
a Greg Lake knock off jam tune i like.
Still struggling with software. a curse perhaps.
software kills me.
i gave amplitube 3 a free test run. Had to get ampli vst's into audicity then mix and record / master yada. Still playing around , this stuff is tickie for an ole fart like myself to learn.
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I love this one. Original music by Steve Krell.
(C) 2008 Royal T Music
well that's more like it now you'all can like it !! the strange endings are to tell me if you hang long enough to tell or I am lazy.
At what point do you realise that I am not a man but am in fact a...
Hosted by Dj sixty 60 Mighty sixty Mix vol 1
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"[Joe Satriani] was inspired to play guitar at age 14, after hearing of the death of Jimi Hendrix. He has been said to have heard the news during football practice, where he then announced to his coach that he was quitting to become a guitarist…
playing my gee-tar is fun.
Steve and I on a Sunday afternoon jam. haven't changed it a lick. Minimally processed it. I liked the openess of it, so I left it alone. Went to Crater Lake, and found this songs home. Played it to the stars the moon and the waters, as the moon…
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Still struggling with software. a curse perhaps.
KCsGroove said

your guitars sound great
good vibe here
very much enjoyed

a Greg Lake knock off jam tune i like.
musicmd said

Very cool sounding. Great playing and tone too. Always liked this tune by ELP…..

Still struggling with software. a curse perhaps.
pharmakeus said

Glorious band and guitar sound. Nice soloing, very sympathetic to the song.

Just a jam along as i watch the stock market suck the life's blood out of me.
pharmakeus said

Lush and very groovy :)

I remastered this one that got deleted a while ago, still too much stuff in it but keeps rabbits outta the garden when i crank it on exterior speakers outside.
pharmakeus said


captgene doesn't have anything to say, unfortunately...

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