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after a long trip into the professional zone...we need to go ape
i was in your dreams last night/ and this is how we now fight. (this song features a CNC milling machine)
im just a nudist with no park/ just feel my way round in the dark/hiding under smiles/is a world dangerous with anger/discomforts when felt youd like to disengageyer/responsibility to a mindful existence/ know i cant have just one....
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this piece takes place on the frozen tundra. with eskimo and lichens.
some really awesome vocals and lyrics splashed around on a strange canvas. you might be waiting a while for the lyrics, cause Hot wheels doesnt type in French. Or understand it for that matter. But I love it.
one instrument..nine million sounds..awesome
do the jittabug. intrumental..whispy..jiggy..dingy
a stripped naked version of the classic song from our 2010 new crop RPM album
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But maybe I should have been... 12 string n vocal improvisation
took the vocals out ... now just 2 guitar tracks Guitar 01 - loop pedal (headrush pedal) loops, leads and chords Guitar 02 - distorted leads
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america is a state of micro-managed fascism. its many laws are the product of overpaid lawyer, judges, politicians, police, and pundits. compulsory schooling streamlines personality traits, departmentalized careers collapse cognition. CIAFBIDHSNSALPD…read more
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This song features a ukele... your thoughts are real, but are they only in your head? go get it free instead. eat a pickle on a picnic on greenland island on the artic sea. the iron ball will knock it down we'll build demolition huts with our…read more
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So much message

zoozaza its all a brujaja ha hahahahahaha/ the bands width is not a cummerbund/ words to squeeze out the imperfect/ bright lites fandango oh so fun/ where is the allah/ messiah/ the jah? as a species/ we fall to peaces/ our pretense, provoked…read more
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This was definitely the single

A pop song without the 'ular' about the struggle of the addict and the feeling of obsession.
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Title for this song should be: “She should have walked away”

that mood is so scary/comes forth quickly/ like im a spooked animal/ I know you have been domesticated/ through centuries/ so what possession/ telltale twitch jettisoned... There lurks something about/ spillings of toxic oil/ crytalline liquid…read more
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This brings back memories of absolute friggin madness

did not buy the white house

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