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smug fascist

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america is a state of micro-managed fascism.
its many laws are the product of overpaid lawyer, judges, politicians, police, and pundits.
compulsory schooling streamlines personality traits,
departmentalized careers collapse cognition.
making policy and lying about EVERYTHING.
such a smug fascist baby,
growed up having a good time,
forget the third world lady,
i’ve only got half a mind.
Daydreaming about the pussy,
or the cars,
or the big fat cock,
criminalized minds breaking laws
that they know are contrived,
paying the price
for escaping the blame
lashing out
or gouging inward
micromanaged fascist astronauts
pussy on fire
pussy on fire
getting your dick stepped on
im such a smug fascist
growed up havin a good time
forget the third world baby
ive only got half a mind
but thats more than my heart.

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courantstelluriques said

yeah! +

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thetworegs said

dont forget the third world lady dont forget her

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thetworegs said

A smatering of Morrison excellent poetic performance

Guest said

lots of meaning here man.

Guest said

These messages are to be taken seriously.

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