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after a long trip into the professional zone...we need to go ape
i was in your dreams last night/ and this is how we now fight. (this song features a CNC milling machine)
im just a nudist with no park/ just feel my way round in the dark/hiding under smiles/is a world dangerous with anger/discomforts when felt youd like to disengageyer/responsibility to a mindful existence/ know i cant have just one....
here we gouge out the electric eyes of the world/ right here...here we adore blind sink faucets and blind paper towel dispensers/they need a helping hand
pronouns blasted my buns/ high slitted nuns/ speaking only in pun/ white clicking tongues/ salivating on a sponge/build a house out of dung/ smile till your done....
so lofigh im scammin vistaprint/ to spread my message an pay my rent/ my laptop battery is just a keyboard stand/ dead weight for me to carry as a level this band....
lord orthodontist/ive surgically sinned/my weight in apples fed to donkeys/ a dot on the landscape/ precious and pinned/ x marks the cavity.....
i need a bag of carrots/ gotta have a crunchy snack/ wanna get some celery/ think ill rob a produce market/ get some beets broccolli and lettuce leaf/ when it comes around throw potatoes in the donation baskets
tonight was a lubricated marathon/ four hours long and three with my tongue/ but like a flock a seagulls i ran/ your singing so far away like dire straits/ now tell me please/ how do i get you off my face?
if my head were just a little bigger/ i might be able to fit a hat/ on the cold plains my microcephaly/ has proved most dangerously/ that i lack/ proper blood flow over the top of my skull/ hypothermic conditions\ my foolishness sets in....
wide round rooms in a flooded basement/ an archipelago/ submerged in laundry sudz ...
welcome to the trashion show/ this is the pick of the litter/ as far as garbage goes/ discarded treasures discovered bring hither/ old alarm clocks never die/sculpted tinfoil glitters/on plastic knives old food has dried/ plastic christmas will…
oversized lollipops in black plastic wrappers/the actual content a sour contention/between the courts and the classes/of shopkeepers and owners/ one free spot left in town/ to abide...(what the fuck does that say?)to abide tenanting of a carraige…read more
im gonna tell you a story/ about the war/ no, not vietnam/ no, not afghanistan/ talkin bout world war two/ but it doesnt start there/ it starts with my granpappy/ my grandfather was famous in the pacific northwest/ with his bulldozer he could…read more
i want very badly/to grip you and squeeze/overpower your bad feelings/overtake my own misgivings/ i wanna bury my face/ in that warm wet place/ between your thighs/ howl into that dark cavern/ may you crush my skull/ when you come/ tickled pink…
i wear a rabbit suit in public/ i like to get my wick trimmed/ silly, kinda slick though/ hard to find my own faults/ wont refuse a taco....
the first song off our new album. its caled song 11. basically a keyboard and drum solo with a locomotive horn recorded from my bedroom.
i felt it had been far too long since i penned an epic. a true ballz on the table noise epic. a visceral expose. a seventeen minute mindmeld with hot wheels spaulding. ill donate ten cents for every alonetoner who listens to it all.
how long do you think weve been doing this?
two kinds of cheese
i got together with my former writing partner and we made noise, which i recorded, and now you are hearing it.
straight up, a visceral melding of human body parts and automobile scraps
technically, im a sociopath, not a musician. but my former writing partner, who plays with me on this live performance can actually play songs.
what did you say? extreme detournement?
id call this song the ballad of the ensemble so far. very quiet by the standards this otherwise brashly overstated noise opera sets.
ahhhh, a live album, well, performed live and then, yup, you got it, touched up. touched by a sound pervert.
a nearly dubstep instrumental involving a pitch shifted casio some windy reverb noises and a beat that thoroughly enjoys itself.
a little backwards guitar in the beginning, turnins itself around surrounded by slowmo bass chatter opens into a riffing squalling storm of noise
a beautiful instrumental with feathers
a theory that we all desire a common good
this one has some tea in its balls
its thence, ohhhh its thence
fighting the good fuzzfight
a strikingly LOUD piece
hahahahahahahahahah the return of the inimitable is inevitable
so thats ten songs on chimps, now to upload to hot wheels spaulding and lick lichens, twenty tracks all together, and the most interesting stuff.
nearly an acoustic solo
sci fi
i gave up on my expectations of this project, and i am happy with the results
basically i gave up
theres a harmonica in here somewhere
we didnt have the focus to write lyrics for the ambitiuous list of twenty tracks.
this was a rough month
my first and last rock song ever, so fuckin enjoy it
OH YOU KNOW here ya go my first track for this RPM challenge 2012
fourth and final song of our latest album.
limps into pace, and holds some grace. a duet, between jupiter on keyboard and hot wheels on the six string.
a modded duet, jupiter on the keyboard and hot wheels on an acoustic guitar. the music hearkens an otherworldy sunrise.
it's true, the return of the chimps. these two crazy monkeys got together for a recording session after nearly a year without playing together. the results of the musical contact are a short album. this is the first song written by C8ME since…read more
theres always another side to the story
this is definitely not accoustic. my room mate and good friend dave diesel sings on this track.
it was impossible to do an accoustic version of an electronic game. so instead i present something more akin to what is known in texas as 'skrewed' actually i think this is my favorite recent remix from RPM
jupiter is going to be impossible to replace, she wrote this song in its entirety, i just helped line up the tracks a little. her voice is one of the finest i've heard, AND she used to sleep with me. If the Chimping continues without her is yet…read more
i called this one acoustic, even though we made it with an old casio keyboard, because i stripped it out down to the most basic parts, gone are the jackhammers and machine gun drums...
this version is very simple
this one had to get shortened, because to accomodate the acoustic material
another naked ditty
hahahahahahahaha laughter heals the soul and body
i wanted to see what this would sound like stripped bare. you should all laugh at me.
in creep out you bloe my mind creep me out all the time i wish rain were a flower and blooming pour over this world its over its ended your dreams have been rendered. already its been proven there is no nation just a dry skeleton of words and…read more
comin down from the fly shakimunis trajectory seat 14-c on the 747 questioning life death and all things transitory thru the skymall pages shave the dome direct the signal from manic malicious self indulgent loneliness like a handmade quoddy shaping…read more
antiquary february queen annes lace is tucked away in bureaus of dirt
america is a state of micro-managed fascism. its many laws are the product of overpaid lawyer, judges, politicians, police, and pundits. compulsory schooling streamlines personality traits, departmentalized careers collapse cognition. CIAFBIDHSNSALPD…read more
monsanto monsanto, you GMO HO monsanto monsanto, money is the wrong kind of green to grow.
i've decided to be an infectious disease. i've decided to be the answer, the reconstructor. reanimating that which is dead inside of you. and if i pretended that i must have a holistic cleansing, i have proven that it cannot be, change must spread…read more
...and when the bird fell out of its nest the weight of its bum, dropped into the snow... ...nestling down and not realizing it hadn't left its nest at all... ...but it thought that it was a softer nest, a cleaner nest, one without the sticks…
This song features a ukele... your thoughts are real, but are they only in your head? go get it free instead. eat a pickle on a picnic on greenland island on the artic sea. the iron ball will knock it down we'll build demolition huts with our…read more
gushing surge of opulence, cavaliers to complete nonsense. the true soldiers of misfortune are mings and chengs drowning in the democratic fabric from our nation.
i see a path, it's a trail. i see a road, thru these woods. And on that road, we move so fast. we move so fast, it changes us. and we make the changes we move so fast, wheels sprout under us, then they become wings. and it changes us. and not…read more
im glad i got to live in an era during which science disproves itself and affirms the nature of a divine. certainly glad to have narrowly escaped the age of reason..
ahhhhh divine resurrection....
psychoanalysis is for crazy people
happy MLK-civil rights day. the shadow government will be brought into the light. http://current.com/news/92924937_martin-luther-king-assassinated-by-us-government-mlk-civil-trial-decision.htm
the age of the barbarian king is comin back around. keep your drones safe, cause the savage nature of man is going to rip yer circuits out. and emotions will be free at last from the tyranny of right and wrong and the group conscious will be…
Dwaraka used to be a coastal city, until ancient world governments collapsed in a hyper space alien war which shifted the continental plates of earth. The aliens have been in hiding ever since, but their robots are the topics of front page news.
it's really not
happy new year alonetone. woo 2099 RPM challenge here we come!
I just found this on my hard drive. It is a mash of bruce hamilton (allenson/oldani/sundstrom) to which i added my own track, which was chunk a. thus creating a derivative called chunk b.
have a little cognitive dissonance, on me, merry christmas! http://current.com/news/92885943_earth-the-insane-asylum.htm
Mohamed Osman Mohamud like all domestic terrorists was a pawn for the FBI.
first song featuring both chimps since like well, forever ago. just a taste of future calamity in the musicverse
this is a synstrumental acoustic guitar track. It is a jaggedy song, it takes many turns, bumps into walls etc.
no thanks
a little story then, I like to turn on the mic several minutes before I begin to play, so I can forget I am being recorded.
this is the first time a c}{imp produciton has been remixed by an out of house DJ. funny how DJ is still appropriate acronym when you slip Digital in for Disc. I got a little message the other day from Cave Street that he was having fun with…read more
there's nothing wrong with freezer pizza
i dont think i fret a single string in this ditty. supposed to be an harmonic orchestra handmade effects like type
the beginning of this acoustic guitar solo is a toneful expression, at around 2:00 minutes it takes off on an adventure.
around....this is a straight up acoustic guitar track, with no tempo manipulation of any sort.
there is a story to this song, about friendship strong. a careful collaboration between three artists. Launched- guitar, vocals, and songwriting Norm- drums sampled from his song 'surf naked' Hot Wheels Spaulding playing, well nothing really…read more
as the name implies this is sans plectrum. as I have often done in my prerecording days I pluck and strum at a ferocious pace, executing some epic switch backs around :45. There is no distortion on this, compressed acoustic guitar track.
all cops go away allcops go away all cops go away allcops go awayall cops go away allcops go away all cops go away alall cops go away allcops go away all cops go away allcops go awaylcops go awayall cops go away allcops go away all cops go away…read more
i've had one of these with myself against the retail world before. it was surprisingly one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. wetting in public.
dont mind the apolitical rhetoric if youd just rather enjoy the music and HATETHEMALL
probably the most disturbing set of three samples you've ever heard. remeniscent of Native American chants, if Native americans were all zombies, which is actually what neo americans are.
i got nothin gains no faith, but there whole lotta sick false prophets.
i shut off the first a/c at aroun:15, the second at around :30. This is not a sample, this is a new england bird outside my home. Ithink it's amockingbird, and I can only hope it is copying me.
this is a crazy POS I threw together for IMFF. That's improv }MF{ friday
its so gory, how can you listen away.
you love me don't you? oh yeah, ive got to thank the weird metronome for shilling out the NIN-like beat that i cant play on any drum set
this piece takes place on the frozen tundra. with eskimo and lichens.
the killing of people is deplorable, but the burning of their bodies is necessary.
instrumental acoustic guitar solo, compressed and shitting brick penises
i like eurotrash genre, i cant emulate it at all. but i can dedicate a song to it.
hmm, didn't notice that this song was nearly inaudible the first time i uploaded it. soft 2 th touch isn't about velvet, it's about cons and marks, a phsycho-social relationship i find interesting. I have been conned several times, for minor…read more
a waddling guitar solo transforms into godknowswhat
god bless alonetone
this is literally an audio sample of me eating a crunchy hor'd'ourves. Synthed to divine irrecognizability..it has become a song. about chewing with your mouth open.
robot cunnlingus
give it up for cryptic meadows on everything, written, and performed by cryptic meadows, jazzercised by Hot Wheels Spaulding, this IS THE REMIX!
one who consumes by fire. heavy dubdelay on little tykes piano.
one with a little variety Accoustic guitar accompanied by bamboo flute with voiced tones. It think thats what its called when you hum through a flute. a descent crescendo, but, surely madness all.
one who is on the brink. this song displays a pensive happiness, an anticipation. It is a duet between an accoustic guitar and an extremely on point drum synth.
one who needs constant reassurance. I blush at the name of the costar in this song, he is not a famouse hip hop artist, he is a half size guitar with oddlot strings and a white house paint face job. The bass tones are accomplished by playing…read more
one who is inquisitive. i call this one the riddler because the first few bars are actually me tuning the instrument. asking the string what it should sound like. And secondly because of the over zealous plectrum Reconnaissance officer.
a leaflet about hacking rhythm. Again the weird metronome forged with audacity creates a thoughtful but ass shaking tune
this album is based on dual accompaniment, more or less, here we have a medeival bards guitar accompanied by a whooshing drunken beatbox
a tome of truly abstract laws. This song plays out like a chase scene. The instrument are weird metronome and audacity. flogging your electronic mind.
one who consumes the land and homes and lives of the nigerians. This is a slide guitar song, so , a bottle, accompanied by a guitar.
one who lives for the last word. an accoustic guitar accompanied by a turbine whistle. Nuff said
one who is above, below, on or around. This song is Weird metronome, in concert with audacity VST plugins to make a kick ass E-dancer
one who counts. we all count, dont we? This is an accoustic guitar, accompanied by a speedy whisper sample. the tune relies heavily on non fretted harmonic tones, and the tempo varies greatly.
the taker of names. i enjoy etymology as much as the next lunatic. the album denominator is a concept album based on dual accompaniment. here we have an accoustic guitar accompanied by a bassline. The guitar veers in and out of recognizable…read more
this is a remix. all the instrumentation and vocals were done by dj rim. I liked the song and wanted it to be more badass. this is my result. originally titled 'cigarette in my hand'
i think there is a dying giraffe in this song.
this instrumental is dedicated to brain separation techniques.
i made this song with my biotic superpowerz, duh!
this is what happens when i drink. must credit Memoirs , fellow alonetone artist for playing everything except what i played. thanks buddy!
if you hav th payience fr a two an ahalf minute accoustic guitar solo..this is the one you want to hear. orchestrophic..
well, fkck it it's true. i lived without electricity, or a house. vans are surprisingly warm in the winter. you can heat one with your body. even here where we are used to real winter.
a driven micro-stomped chord progression on the accoustic five string accursed I(where did that e go?) followed by bass hornets, top it off with a skidmark of a special effect
something mysterious happened to this song last time. I uploaded it three days ago, It got forty listens and now it is nowhere to be found (on AT). I dont think I deleted it, maybe I'm wrong, but, here it is again, it is not a different version…
if you are really curious google him.
catchit..seems feverish.
this was an accidental song. I was making another song for which the main two loops of this song were simply the ending. The first of these loops is so visually stunning, I just knew It was its own bar.
short song
fresh acoustica, dub .075 offset from itself produces the delay. instrument is 3/4 scale six string(missing #6 and #5 string)
insane, accoustic guitar from 2008. totally improv.
from our fourth album 2008. frantic guitar piece.
a dreary stroll from 2008
another old piece. this one is named after a beagle. fielding is his name. it's an instrumental with a casio keyb beat and two guitar tracks, high and low. kind of a ramblin ditty
a slower piece, some contemplation. This is also very early in our recording process. From our third album in 2008. i think Jupiter is playing the hand drum and the rhythm guitar, i'm playing the high pitch reverbd solo and the sixth string thwopping…
back when we first started recording, i named songs ambiguously, mostly it seemed to match the way they were written, half illuminated half darkness, so that the reader, or listener, could make up for themselves, what they thought they were seeing…
this is a monster singing in chinese profanity to a backing track
early chimps..made the kick drum by placing mic on floor and heel tapping.
early guitar loop experiment .. fun
crazy awesome song written by Juniper, hot wheels on lead guitar
one of my first recorded amd heavily OD'd guitar solos. off our third album, from 2008.
one of my oldest pieces, from 2008, before i new what any of these effects were.
a suspensefully visual passage piece, as if through time, time becoming space, mass becoming length..
its a sonic adventure
f the gd established system, banker farting cum down each other s throats
this is your king. the faceless, the ownerless, the shifting being.
Instrumental/ designed to confuse your brainwaves completely. Warning: violence, irritation may develop, continue use.
has anybody ever really felt complimented by a drunk? its like your words mean nothing/ and you have so many of them/ do you ever ask yourself/ why do i go on/ everything i eat tastes like sand/ theres butter in my underwear/ i had a dream there…read more