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i know my sunshine by launched w/ norm

c}{imps 8 my ears

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there is a story to this song,
about friendship strong.
a careful collaboration between three artists.
Launched- guitar, vocals, and songwriting
Norm- drums sampled from his song ‘surf naked’
Hot Wheels Spaulding playing, well nothing really, except the audacity sound files. made the bass from a tone generator, mixed the parts till they fit.
This is my first premeditated collaboration.(although norm couldn’t be in on the planning, he did offer all of his songs for sample.) Launched wrote the ditty, so you make sure you stop by and check out ‘launched’ and ‘norm’ at their pages too.
thanks launched! thanks Norm!

launched's avatar
launched said

Something about the assembly of music, and not just playing it really appeals to me. Glad I was assembled here.

Guest said

damn dude! that was an awesome cover! i love those touches and creeped up changes you added to 'guitar manush'...thanks for the remix!

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Dave Berry said

Three finer gents couldn't be found anywhere else but here. And the music, the music...sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. This is damn epic.

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Wildgeas Music said

Hot Wheels kicks ass.

Guest said

Hey the beginning with the hot wheels and laser was cool and all but you gotta turn those sound effects down a bit..hmmm..alot! in the mix bro..I cant hear the song..The song sounds amazing of what i can hear!

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launched said

I thought you did a great job with this, bro! Very cool, I'm impressed!

Guest said

all those beeps and minimal sounds come together pretty well with the guitar and vocals...

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