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I had this thought this year that maybe I will try and come up with drum parts that don't sound very traditional. Sort of like mid-80's Neil Peart kinda things. In the end there were only a few songs that I attempted something. This is one…read more
Part of the plan this year was to use a real amplifier and real effects pedals on all of the guitar parts. Recently I have been becoming obsessed with uni-vibe style pedals. I used one on this song, a cheap thing called a Shaky Jimi. I used…read more
I like this one, but at the same time... I don't. It's just not quite good enough. Not as good as I was hoping at least. I dropped it from the RPM album. The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker. The rhythm guitar is an ES-335. The lead is a…read more
I was a prog rock fan for years when suddenly in high school I got really into what would eventually be called Alternative. It was so weird to me that music so uncomplicated could be so good. Some songs were even made up of one phrase repeated…read more
I don't hate this one, which is high praise this year. It's okay. The rhythm guitar is an ES-335 through a Joyo Vintage Phase pedal. The lead is a Les Paul through an EHX Soul Food pedal. The amp is a Fender Bassbreaker. Don’t know what…read more
The slow to mid-tempo ideas came hot and heavy toward the end this year. All the up tempo stuff was started within the first week or so. After that it was all funeral marches. I'm on the fence on whether or not I like this one. I had planned…read more
If a Uni-Vibe pedal modulates the pitch, how do you double track with one? The answer? Very carefully. Actually, I just did it. I used the same settings on both guitar tracks and panned them both hard to one side. The effect was a kinda groovy…read more
Double tracked Wah-Wah. Pretty much the high point of awesomeness. Les Paul through a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah into a Fender Bassbreaker. Give it up now Everything that you care about trade it in for make believe and fairy tails…read more
There is a lot that I like about this one. There is one thing that annoys the shit out of me. On about half of this year's songs I tried to write the melody ahead of writing the lyrics. I noodled a piano melody and recorded it, then wrote…read more
This is an early favorite for the "stand out track" title. I like the groove quite a bit. Although I was literally falling asleep while mixing it so who knows if it sounds okay or not. I am in love with my new little Fender Bassbreaker 15…read more
At least in the past when they told us outright lies they were lies that could possibly have been true. Now? They just make shit up off the top of their head and half the people believe it like gospel. Guitars are a Les Paul through a Fender…read more
The inspiration for the lyrics to this mess was a tweet from someone named Adrian Bott that stated, "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party." This one isn't so bad…read more
I had high hopes for this one when I first started working on it. Did it live up to the expectations? No way. Not even close. AlI I can hear when I listen to it is everything wrong with it. Why the hell did this one end up 5+ minutes long…read more
The first track for RPM2017. Get used to buried vocals this year, they are pretty bad and the mixes will reflect that. The guitars are all Les Paul through the direct out of a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The leads also used an EHX Soul Food overdrive…read more
A simple 12-bar in 6/8 time. I almost like it. The guitars are all Les Paul. Turn the page again It's time to start anew From the top this time don't think we can make it Don't see there's much chance Round and round and round we…read more
This one is strange because I don't dislike it. In fact, I think it's kinda groovy. The lyrics... maybe not so much, but the music? Me likey. So weird. I mixed this on my iPad. I might port it over to my Mac and remix it there. GarageBand for…read more
Eh. Pretty far from my best. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and then I compounded the weakness by playing badly and messing up some edits. Oh well. The lyrics are about driving in Waltham, MA, home of the most idiot traffic I've…read more
I ran out of 50/90 gas in late July when I was at 27 songs. I was trying to make a decent quality demo of each idea and it bogged me down to the point that I stopped trying. Now that we're in September I'm trying to make really quick and dirty…read more
The week ten challenge is keep a song under two minutes? Done! Written in a parking lot while my step son played in a Magic the Gathering tournament. Another overly simple riff song with filler lyrics and an overly simple demo using GarageBand…read more
The second of two songs written and recorded on Labor Day in my garage, using GarageBand. Woah! I don't care much for this one now that it's done, but for the first time in my songwriting life I think I have a song where the melody is my favorite…read more
I didn't get shut out this year! My demo plans for 2016 are proving to be way too elaborate so I wrote and recorded this in GarageBand on my iPad in one sitting. The music is overly simple and the lyrics are throw away, but it's done. Guitars…read more
The most last minute song I have. I woke up early on Sunday February 28. At about 7:00am The riff from the chorus of this song popped into my head. I sang it into the new iOS music notes app so that I wouldn't forget it. The lyrics for the…read more
The RPM Challenge does weird things to a guy, I tell you. The chorus to this one popped into my head, fully formed, at about 9:15pm on Saturday February 27. I wrote the whole thing that night, including lyrics and melody, and recorded all but…read more
Just a simple little tune to take me out of my minor key, noisy rock comfort zone. G Major. Who woulda thunk it? Chorus: Anything you say anything you want anything you need I’ll take care of you Verse 1: I’m always here for you…read more
This one had throw away written all over it from the first moment I thought of it. It's my second entry in the Ice Cream Chords challenge over at FAWM.org. I kept this one in Major and it's just as fruity as one would expect. The lyrics are…read more
Eh. I thought it would be cool to write something in drop D and then play it on a 12 string. Then I could drop two D's! HarHarHar. The lyrics are about how scary some of Donald Trumps followers are. If he wins in November I'm moving to…read more
There is a challenge on the FAWM Forum to write a song using the Ice Cream Chords. I–vi–IV–V. I took that challenge twice this year. This was the first try, and by far the better of the two (although that isn't saying much). On this song I…read more
Big Dumb Rocker Alert. Also, lyrics inspired by a post on the Florida Man twitter account (link below). Everything I was doing was slow and kinda quiet. So I wrote something fast and noisy and gave it lyrics about a guy who tries to pay…read more
Another simple little one. I tried on a few occasions to just roll tape while sitting in front of a mic with an acoustic and see what happens. Short snippets of lyrics would come out while I was playing the first thing to pop into my head, and…read more
I woke up at about 6:00am on February 1st, picked up my iPad, opened GarageBand, and immediately noodled out the bass line that became the chorus on this song. And the rest is RPM Challenge history. The lyrics are about a theory that Flat…read more
Simple enough, musically. Just a little 6/8 swing. I tend to go here when I am writing a bunch of songs at once. There are probably 20 little 6/8 swingers in either Aminor or Eminor buried here on my alonetone account. The lyrics though…read more
My step daughter sings in her school chorus, was the lead in her school musical, has a fantastic voice, and is well on her way to becoming an outstanding classical pianist. But she don't know blues. She decided to try out for her high school…read more
Last week I posted a song called "Flat Earth Rebuttal" that was the second half of an argument between a Flat Earther and a person who fails to see the need for a biblical conspiracy against the concept of a spherical planet Earth. This song…read more
I liked this one from the very start. It was the second song I started working on this February, and it has stuck with me more than any of the others. It's kinda... swampy... nice little mid tempo groove. The bass isn't cutting through the…read more
Simple song. Nothing special. I had an idea at one point earlier in the month of making a double album with 10 songs focusing on electric rhythm guitars, and 10 focusing on acoustic guitar. This was written late in the month, song #17. The…read more
I'm really disappointed in this one. I don't like it. I wrote it last night and recorded it today. I think if I changed the lyrics to be about hookers I could probably sell it to Poison or Motley Crue. I feel dirty and ashamed of myself…read more
I wrote a blog post about Donald Trump. The gist of the statement was that every four years we joke about how if the Republican Presidential Candidate wins the general election, where are we going to move? Canada? UK? In the post though I…read more
Three times over the last three months I have found myself faced with someone who honestly believes the Earth is flat. Not like in a joking way, but in a full on don't-believe-the-conspiracy way. It's an insult to the intelligence of every human…read more
RPM 2016 is underway! This was written on an iPad on Tuesday 2/16 and recorded and mixed on Wednesday 2/17. It is just a looped 8-bar bass line with a change added somewhere on each iteration. The lyrics consist of one verse repeated forever…read more
Another song from a failed album in a day project. I couldn't find a name that I liked so I described the song in the best way I could. Mixed with ear buds... so it will probably need to be mixed again. I think I almost like this one…read more
I tried to do an album-in-a-day a couple of months ago. I finished two songs and had two more in progress when I lost interest. I had actually forgotten about the two songs that were finished until a few days ago. This is the first of the two…read more
Written in pieces back in 1994 and 1995 during my "arrangements that are to complicated for humans to actually play" phase. Recorded in January 2015 during my "Ancient History Revisited Volume 2" phase. Mixed in September 2015 during my "I actually…read more
The final RPM Challenge/FAWM song for 2015! I'm done! Garageband has this running at 66bpm in 6/8 time. It probably should be 132bpm in 3/4, but you live with what you have, right? I didn't really plan on saving this for last as it was one…read more
This song is the definition of filler. Thanks to the worst February weather ever we had quite a bit of water dripping through our picture window last week. I recorded a couple of minutes of it. Add reverb, add delay, plan it around, loop, add…read more
Have you seen the movie The Theory of Everything? I highly recommend it in a "I hate these damn movies that make me ball my eyes out" kind of way. The lyric to this song is sort of inspired by Dr Hawking's diagnosis. He's given two years to…read more
This is my lame, 100% fictional account of John Podesta sitting at home feeling bummed out that he didn't manage to blow the lid off of Area 51. It's also the leading candidate to be dropped from the RPM album because it's just not very good…read more
FAWM calls for 14 songs. This is song #15. I wrote the music on the 24th, one day after deciding I was done with writing music. Go figure. The lyric is about writing a song after you've decided to stop writing songs. We've all been there…read more
This song has been the biggest mess of the month. It was the second idea I had, the first that wasn't dropped. I have fought with it more than any other song I've ever recorded. The drum parts have been recorded twice. They rhythm guitars have…read more
Musically speaking I wanted something fast and dumb. Lyrically speaking I wanted to use the word "rageface" for some unknown reason. Given how silly the whole thing was I went with the line "you laugh at my rageface" because is there anything…read more
When I finished high school I went straight to college as a music major. I knew it was a mistake even before I started, but music was my all consuming passion and I had zero interest in anything else. I figured I had to give it a shot even though…read more
7/8 time and the song form is A-B-C-D-A. Just a goofy little attempt at not repeating sections. This is the second time this RPM I've done that. Sort of. I don't know where the idea for writing about Darwin came from, but for me when an…read more
RPM Challenge song #6. Look at me, half way there! Everything I had for the month was really slow until this fell into my lap. I sort of forced it, but it was fun to record. The lyrics are a ghost story about a spirit that haunts the Mt…read more
I woke up this morning and looked out the window at all of the snow. The endless landscape of blank, frozen emptiness, and I just felt sick. I wanted nothing more than to go back to bed and sleep until May. So what did I do to combat this depression…read more
It only took four songs for me to start writing lyrics about being worried about finishing RPM on time. Typical. This was originally just a few separate 8 bar phrases. Normally I'd spread them out and create some sort of song form out of…read more
This is one of those songs that I had in my head complete (except for the lyrics) and I was really excited about. Unfortunately, what we have on the demo sounds nothing like what I was hearing in my head. With the possible exception of the snare…read more
I liked this one a lot more before realizing (after all of the tracks were finished) that the guitar part is awfully similar to a Throwing Muses song from the brilliant House Tornado album. My plan to double all rhythm guitar and vocal parts…read more
The first song completed for the 2015 RPM Challenge. This is historic for me in that it's an RPM song that used a real amplifier instead of a software simulator. It's not my cool Marshall, it's my Fender who once took a bath in gasoline (long…read more
This song makes it's third appearance on alonetone. Once from a cassette tape of the band playing it back in 1997, once from my first crack at an album in a month back in 2007, and now this. This song was so simple and basic and nothing but…read more
This was written while I was working in a studio back in 1994 or 95. It was originally just a few little piano licks that I arranged into a song. I remember at the time I had trouble playing some of the parts on guitar, and some of the sections…read more
This is another Prime Meridian song. I wanna say late 1997 or early 1998. We tended to write songs in bunches, but I don't think so in this case. If I remember correctly, this one just sort of fell into place somehow. We were noodling around…read more
We wrote this one in... I wanna say... 1998? Had we ever moved beyond Maria's basement I would have pushed to get this released as a single. I thought it was our best shot at a hit, even if my lyrics were just god awful. The guitars here…read more
As a warm up for the RPM Challenge I have gotten into the habit of digging up old mostly forgotten songs from my carefree youth and recording new demos. This year seems to be mostly focused on a band I played in between 1997 and 2000. This song…read more
Another song with lyrics that I have no recollection of writing. What the hell is it about? I had six songs recorded and mixed before I realized I didn't have a single time signature other than 4/4. I remedied that right quick. This is…read more
This one is a mess. Everything is too busy. The mix includes massive compression everywhere because I did a crappy job recording things. During the mix I changed the bass sound, changed the drum sound, went from having the two rhythm guitars…read more
I had 10 songs in progress. Now that I have no more opportunities to record vocals between now and the end of the month I had to drop one of the songs. I felt kinda bad about it. Losing one of the songs ruins a gimmick I was working with…read more
I had declared the NaSoAlMo project complete after starting the eighth song. Then I had some free time and started this cheese ball. Later I added a 10th song too. What a nitwit. This marks the end of both of my mini-goals for November…read more
It wasn't until I was sitting in front of my computer trying to write lyrics to this one that I realized it is very, very similar to a song from last year's NaSoAlMo. Sorry about that. If I told you that the lyrics to this were based on…read more
I didn't plan on having this (mostly) percussion free. It was just that when it came time to work out a drum part I... you know... didn't. The electric guitar is my ES-335. I can see everything I can see how things go I can know…read more
Not sure what to make of this one. I like the mellowy groove, but I don't particularly care for the lyrics. Especially given that they are pretty much about writing lyrics. Sometimes I just run out of ideas, you know? The electric guitar…read more
Song three of (probably) 10 for NaSoAlMo. I'm still going with the plan of longer(ish) songs that feature at least a little bit of 12-string guitar. So far so good. I sort of like the chorus on this one, but the verses aren't all that hot…read more
Another longish song that has a 12-string guitar part written and recorded for NaSoAlMo. The lyrics are sort of me being a sore loser after the mid-term elections. The electric guitars are all Stratocaster. all aboard the train its…read more
Song #1 for the 2014 National Solo Album Month. It's November again, so it's time for another NaSoAlMo. This year I am thinking of trying to write longish songs, and I would like to find a way to get my 12-string into every song somehow…read more
Less than an hour after declaring my bluesy October project at an end I came up with this. It's almost like I don't even listen to myself. The guitars are all Stratocaster and the lyrics are about raking leaves. No, seriously.
I thought of making October's music 10 12-bar blues riffs. I made it to three. This is the first (and probably best) of the three. The guitars are all ES-335. I have no idea what the lyrics are about.
October Music Continues with a second song with a bit of a swing to it. The guitars are all Stratocaster and the lyrics were written off the top of my head in about 3 minutes. I think this one is a tad too long, but otherwise I don't loathe it.
50/90 is over. What do I do now? The plan was to do the same thing I did after RPM and FAWM ended... just start another album in a month project. Well I started it, but it's going really slow. There are only five songs in the works, and…read more
Unless my math skills have failed me, this is song #50 and 50/90 is complete! WOOHOO! This song broke my one 50/90 rule... sort of. The rule was that all ideas get used immediately. Nothing gets dropped and everything I try stays. The idea…read more
Another song that is entirely in 7/8. I like this one a little bit even though the riff seems a bit forced. The guitars are all Les Paul. I won’t try to hold you back I won’t try to keep you down I just want to build you up I just want…read more
This one is pretty sad. Sad as in, it's not very good, not sad as in it's a sad song. I spent one afternoon working exclusively in 7/8. This was the third thing I came up with. It's the worst of the three. I still sort of like the groove…read more
This is the 47th 50/90 song posted, but it was the 49th idea. I figured one last head banger before I was done. The lyrics are supposed to be political without really trying to pick a side. Eh. The guitars are all ES-335 how do we handle…read more
Not quite sure what I was going for musically with this one. It was just a couple of off the top of the head ideas. Not a lot of thought or planning. The lyrics are an Florida Man story about a guy who called 9-1-1 to ask for a ride to the…read more
This is the 45th song posted for 50/90, but it is really the 50th song to be worked on. Somehow it seems fitting to close off the festivities with a sappy love song that swings a bit. Of all the crap I've written this summer, this is the…read more
The verse and the chorus are pretty much the same thing except the chorus is louder and heavier. I consider that a gimmick and a bit of a cheat, but I very often really like the way it works out. Shoot me. The lyrics are about being afraid…read more
Something tells me I'll be mixing this one again soon. The lyrics here are specifically about 9/11, but I guess it would apply to any major event. I was just listening to the accounts of people who were there at the time and comparing their…read more
The verse is a 12-bar blues phrase, but the rest of the song isn't. Clever? Probably not. The lyrics are kind of about work stress, but maybe not completely. I can't really tell anymore. The guitars are all Stratocaster. Mixed up confused…read more
I thought going into 50/90 that I would need to do some quick recordings of really simple arrangements. Maybe just acoustic guitar and voice. Nope, not really. This isn't meant as filler. This idea is something I noodle on almost every…read more
I had planned for more pieces for this song but it was late and I was tired so I quit while I was ahead. The next day i stitched together the few riffs I had into a song structure and decided it was set. Then as I was recording the leads I decided…read more
This one was forced. I had just finished recording guitars on another couple of songs and made myself come up with something new. I wasn't very into it at all, but now that it's finished it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The lyrics…read more
I love playing in 7/8 time, don't you? There was a day late in August when I simply decided that everything I was going to work on would be in 7/8 time. I ended up with three songs. This is the first of them. I was also considering overdoing…read more
Throughout the whole zaniness that is 50/90, I have never written, recorded, and mixed a song in one day. Until now. This whole thing was done on Saturday 9/6/14. The vocals were recorded in the car while I was waiting to pick up one…read more
Nothing special about this one. The riff is kinda cheesy, and the lyrics are a lot cheesy. It has a pre-chorus section which is unusual for me. That's about the only thing that's interesting at all. The mix might be awful, but I was 99% asleep…read more
The music was written in a hotel room in Niagara Falls, Ontario. When I first recorded the rhythm guitars it hit me how 80's corporate rock this was. It sounded like Journey and that pissed me off. When it came time to write the lyrics that…read more
The music was written in a hotel room in Montreal (I think) and the lyrics are about how stupid the Market Basket situation got in New England (ironically, as I was recording the last vocal line a friend sent me a link to a stream of Artie T's…read more
On Facebook, my sister in law (a middle school teacher) told us that my niece said the second day of kindergarten was even better than the first. My sister (an elementary school teacher) said something along the lines of yippee for good days…read more
The music was written in a hotel room in upstate New York. How rock and roll is that? I occasionally find myself very inclined to throw electric pianos at everything. This comes from such a phase. The part in question here was recorded using…read more
I wanted something slow and dirgish (is that a word?) and twangie. I sorta got that, not really. This is another one that I got weird with the time signature setting in GarageBand for iPad and then the drummer function on GarageBand for Mac…read more
Boston, Massachusetts is not just a college town. It's THE college town. I mean it. Seriously. There is a major university in just about every neighborhood, and there are institutions of higher learning on nearly every street corner. Add…read more
Not sure about the mix for this one. My left ear hears much better than my right, and I do all of my work with headphones. Sometimes when I have two doubled tracks split left/right I end up having a hard time keeping them balanced. I over compensate…read more
I kinda like this one, although the cutting and pasting sounds really obvious to my ears. I usually try and get my punches cleaner than this, but I seemed to be slacking on this day. The lyrics are part of my current atheist bent. The guitars…read more
There's a lot of weirdness going on here. First, King's X has a song on their Dogman album called "Go to Hell". It's 30 seconds long and it's balls to the wall and just when you start to feel the groove it ends. I thought I might try something…read more
Last month I did a bad instrumental thing inspired by the quiet little instrumental breaks in the last couple of Pink Floyd records. I don't like the way it came out, but I did decide right away I'd try something similar again before 50/90 ended…read more
This one feels forced. I don't know, it just isn't doing much for me. I like the part after the first solo where the drums ride on a crash cymbal, but the rest of it doesn't seem to gel. The lyrics are gibberish made up on the spot. The guitars…read more
So 50/90 is an unnatural forcing of a crap ton of songs in a relatively short period of time. We're half way though and I've learned one thing. I've learned how easy it is to repeat something you've already done. This one sounds a LOT like…read more
An angry little ditty about the seemingly overzealous police in Ferguson, MO. Not much else to say about this one except that the guitars are all Fender. Take me away to where it’s safe get me out of this police state tear gas and flash…read more
This song represents the place where things got alarmingly repetitive for my 50/90 project. In another day or two I'll be posting a song that is musically very similar to this one. As I worked this one out, I had no memory of the previous attempt…read more
This one came really quick as I was working on another, completely different, idea. Lyric wise it's a simple little love song about the love of my life and I sticking it out. Usually I tend to match that type of lyric with something less dumb…read more
I spent some time last night (August 13, 2014) following the situation in Ferguson, MO on twitter. The pictures and descriptions were... alarming. When I woke up this morning I immediately wrote two songs that were inspired by what I saw…read more
Another song about depression that was sort of inspired by Robin Williams' suicide. It's getting harder and harder to write lyrics for 50/90, but somehow I managed to write a whole bunch today. Topics were repeated. Melodies were repeated as…read more
Actual, real live percussion. There's a little monkey drum that I bought at a Ren Faire many years ago, and a pair of finger drums I bought at the Moroccan Pavilion at Epcot Center even more many years ago. It's the first time since I had an…read more
Another simple arrangement that uses dynamics to differentiate between verse/chorus/ect. I really like that gimmick, but I have to force myself not to do it, or I'd do it 100% of the time. The lyrics are about depression and were written the…read more
This one is a little sloppy. There's a bum note in one of the guitars in the chorus that got copied and pasted a whole bunch of times. I don't have time to go back and fix it though. Lyrically, I haven't mined the endless source of inspiration…read more
I have no clue what the lyrics are about. I guess maybe it's about not wanting to go to work on a Tuesday morning and looking for some existential way out? I don't know, something stupid like that. The music to this was written while I was…read more
We have an interesting thing going on in my little neck of New England. I guess we'd have to call it a labor movement, but that's not quite right. When the US economy tanked a few years ago, the CEO of a local supermarket chain did the unthinkable…read more
A song about greater Boston traffic. Just when you think you have it figured out... urgh. I always sit in 4/4 time. I often need to just break out of it and do something different. This time it's 6/8, but I feel lots of 7/8 and 5/4 are on…read more
This was the first thing I came up with for 50/90, and it's taken almost a month to finish it. Why might that be? Might it be because I'm not very happy with it? Might be. The lyrics aren't about anything, I just made them up and they fit…read more
Recorded in the USA, mixed in Canada. I'm on vacation, but I found a little time here in Toronto to mix one more song. The lyrics are about my cat... again. The guitars are all Les Paul. The riff in the hook is using an E7#9 chord... again…read more
The music here is my first time messing with the Line 6 Pod app for iPad. I'm pleased with it over all (that sah-weeeet Strat neck pick up) but I question why it lacks any form of overdrive pedal. What the hell? Is it an in-app purchase or…read more
A halfhearted attempt at being schmaltzy. If I had really gone all in the chorus would have been Fmaj7 - Emin7 instead of Fmaj7 - Cmaj7. All of the guitars are my Les Paul. The lyrics were written shortly after learning that the Boston…read more
Even a redhead like me wants to sound funky every now and then. Nothing else really to note about this one. The guitars are all ES 335. The sun shines on you Let it light the way The road clears for you Let it make your day get…read more
Not terribly thrilled with the mix, but otherwise this one is okay by me. The idea was to write one riff that repeats for the length of the song and then have the dynamics and the melody take care of differentiating between verses and choruses…read more
Well this was a waste of time. Also, this will teach me not to listen to too much Pink Floyd while working on an internet songwriting challenge. I thought, it'll be cool! A droning bass violin with little piano and guitar noodles over it…read more
This one came together really fast. I had spent most of my Sunday forcing two other songs out of my head and I was tired and not feeling all that pleased with the day's work. I figured I'd give it one more shot and went to my binkie. My security…read more
I liked this one a lot more before I mixed it... I don't know what the lyrics are about. All I know is that my Strat's neck pickup is sah-weeet. The rhythm guitar is the Strat. The lead at the beginning is the Les Paul. The lead at the…read more
I don't need every song to sound like a power trio, even if I want every song to be arranged for a power trio. Does that make sense? Also, is it the biggest cliche in the universe to write a song about writing a song? All of the guitars…read more
I've had a very productive three day weekend kicking off 50/90. I have nine songs at various stages of completion. Now the question is, how badly do they suck? I have pretty much fallen in love with the sound of my Strat's neck pickup. Clean…read more
FAWM's 50/90 starts on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA, and wouldn't you know it New England got hit by the remnants of a hurricane that night. Hurricane Arthur was pretty much just a rain storm by the time it hit us, but it was still song…read more
A little mini-suite. I had my 10 songs underway for my June album in a month project and like a doofus I threw together an extra song at the last minute, and made it three songs in one. (I then added two more, because I'm dumb). Mostly this…read more
This is a throw away. I wanted to put 8 bars of acoustic guitar on one of the June songs. When I finished I just opened a new project and threw down the first things that came to me. A vocal with some live and let live lyrics, a ton of reverb…
Talk about over complicating things! This was meant as just a little finger picking noodle. I am hopeless as a finger picker and did this more as an exercise than anything else. It's four tracks of guitar, all with a different picking pattern…read more
As I was finishing up the March and April music project thingies back in the end of May I acted silly and wrote an extra song. This is that song. Just a dopey 12-bar blues that was really just an excuse to write something on my new Stratocaster…read more
This song makes 10 for the month of June. I still have my one left over thing from May, and there are two more from June that still need vocals. I kinda want to stop now though. Something about this tune is working for me. I sort of almost…read more
So lead guitar wise, this was not a good night. Mix wise it is an attempt at not burying the bass guitar. That probably means the bass is super loud. Life goes on though, am i right? I have no real idea what the lyrics are about other than…read more
I had high hopes for this goofy 12-bar. I don't know why. It doesn't live up to my expectations. The vocals are fuzzy again. I'm mad. It does mark the return of the wah wah pedal. I had half a mind to not use it at all after over using it…read more
Yesterday I posted a song that was recorded entirely on my iPhone and had ugly distorted vocals that I was embarrassed to share with the interwebs. I said that there was one other song from this month that was also recorded entirely on the iPhone…read more
When did everything I came up with for June end up in either 3/4 or 6/8? I should pay closer attention, don't you think?
It's a good thing these are just demos and not a real attempt at doing anything... real. So the vocals... the clipping... the distortion. No excuse. It's spoiled the entire song for me. This is the second of two songs that I recorded in…read more
Yes, yes I know. The guitar melody sounds a lot like the jazz standard "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat." I understand and I'm sorry, but it's so rare that I come up with an instrumental melody that I just have to run with it when I get one. The vocals…read more
First off, the inspiration for the lyric was my MacBook Pro being unable to connect to my wireless mouse. I kid you not, that's where it started. It sort of evolved into a fictional account of one of my customer's network about to crash. I…read more
I had a neat idea for a riff but I was busy doing other things and couldn't record it for future reference. When I did get a chance to sit down with a guitar later that night I couldn't quite remember it. I came up with something that was in…read more
The twist for the June music project is that everything is recorded and mixed on an iOS device (all but two on an iPad) and then remixed on the full Mac version of GarageBand. This is the first Mac mix. I worked the riffs to this one out…read more
I have loved this song for eons. Any time I've found myself in a cover band I've tried to get it into the set list but I have never once succeeded. I've never actually recorded a cover before. Prior to buying a Strat I had no desire to, but…read more
This is a rewrite of an RPM/FAWM song from February. I sped it up and added some muscle while changing up the vocal and lyrics. I like it much better now. (The old version is on my alonetone somewhere. It's called Forced)
Yup, @floridaman again. This time a couple stole money for crack and told the cops they were kidnapped and forced to steal the money. No way anyone will see through that story, eh? This mix feels mushy. It's made worse by the tons of sauce…read more
The lyrics aren't from @floridaman this time. They are from @floridawoman. It's a story about a gal who disliked her neighbor, so she had her house bulldozed. Nice This was the last March/April song to be have the tracking finished. There…read more
This is from March but it was a bit of an after thought. I had planned on the 10th song being something else (it eventually made it into the April list) but I noodled this together on my iPad one night. I also recorded the rhythm guitars on…read more
There is a reason why this is the last of the 10 songs from April to be finished. It's kind of a sloppy mess of a clunker. The main riff was actually written during March but I didn't get anywhere with it. I revived it in April and... well…read more
This was the last of the April songs to be worked on. The riff in the chorus was actually written during RPM in February but I never got a chance to finish it. It was on also on the list for March but it never got off the ground. Finally in…read more
A song about cats. No really. The lyrics are about cats. I am being 100% honest. I need a lyricist, badly. I wanted to keep this one simple but I ended up with all sorts of soupy sauce everywhere and I compressed the hell out of it…read more
Tempest Fero Lives again! My first real band was called Tempest Fero. We shoulda rethought that name. Anyway, this was one of the first four or five songs we wrote. There should be keyboard, but I don't have the skill or the patience to…read more
This song marks two milestones in my silly little music recording existence. First it is the very first time I recorded a song that used electric guitars that only used a Fender guitar. When I bought the Strat last weekend this was the only…read more
I was listening to the two Jack Bruce/Robin Trower records from 1981. I was sort of digging the whole aging-white-guys-making-a-show-of-being-funky vibe and decided to steal it. The result is this cheese ball of a 12-bar. In GarageBand…read more
One of the few songs on my March Music list that entirely came from March, at least in terms of the music. The lyrics were written in May, but who's counting. The guitar solos were played on my new Strat. It feels so weird. The title comes…read more
This one dates back to 1992 or 93 or so. It falls in the wasted years between the end of the band I started playing with in high school and the band I started playing in after leaving college. It was played by a bunch of short lived bands in…read more
This is an April song. It's bad enough that I think it might be completely ripped off of a 2013 RPM song, but the mix turned into a sloppy mess. I might remix it, but then again I might just give up. The lyrics are about our failed attempt…
When I finished RPM at the end of February I decided to immediately start on a new project for March. I called it RPMarch. At least I did until I failed to finish on time. This was the first song I worked on. The bass part actually dates back…read more
The lyrics to this one are another in the quickly growing group inspired by stories shared by @floridaman on twitter. http://www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2014/3/21/fl_bar_fight.html This…read more
This was written and recorded in February for FAWM, but I kept it off of the RPM album because it sounded like crap and I didn't like anything about the recording. Literally nothing was worth keeping. Except maybe for the fade out at the end…read more
A song about deadlines, the lyrics and melody were written during a free half an hour, hence the topic. This was supposed to have a clip from the movie Highlander at the beginning but I can't get to it right now. Picture Connor and Castigere…read more
Think of this (lyrically speaking) as Anti-Vaxer's Lament Part 2. I wrote both lyrics at the same time. The rhythm guitars used Amplitube's Fender Twin app while the leads used Amplitube's Jimi Hendrix app.